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One-day Tour of Tamsui/Bali

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Fort San Domingo
Fort San Domingo
This is Tamsui's most prominent monument to foreign involvement in Taiwan. First built in 1629 by the Spanish, Fort San Domingo was intended to aid th...
Tamsui Old Street
Tamsui Old Street
Tamsui used to be called Huwei. It is a derivation from the ancient tongue "Hoba." It means the river outlet. Tamsui is located in northwest...
Bali Left Bank Park
Bali Left Bank Park
Take the ferry across the river from Tamsui, and in just six minutes you will arrive at Bali Left Bank. Bali, with its back to Mt. Guanyin, has built ...
Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology
Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology
Located near the mouth of the Tamsui River in Bali District, the Shihsanhang archaeological site dates back some 500 to 1800 years to Taiwan's prehist...
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