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Three-day Tour of Beinan Site/Liji Badlands/Luoshan/Walami Trail

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Tour route

Day 1: Beinan Site, Liji Badlands

Beinan Site Park
Beinan Site Park
Beinan Site Park is situated at the northern edge of Nanwang Village of Beinan Township in Taitung County. This is the site of the largest and most complete prehistoric settlement that has been discovered in Taiwan so far; in its heyday, the settlement may have covered an area of more than 300,000 square meters.
Liji Badlands
Liji Badlands
Liji Badlands is also known as Liji Moon World; it is located in Liji Village. The soil here is as hard as rock when it is dry, but the soil would become extremely muddy when it rains. Due to long periods of washing out by the rain, distinctive sights of ubiquitous gullies can be seen. At dusk, visitors could stand over Beinan Bridge or Liji Bridge and overlook the bizzare and deserted scene of rugged mountains and bare land, a geological wonder of 2km in width and about 1km in depth.

Day 2: Luoshan Recreation Area, Yuli Bridge

Luoshan Recreation Area
Mud Volcano Tofu DIY
Biking in Yuli (To Old Dongli Railway Station via Yuli Bridge)
Antong, Yuli

Day 3: Walami Trail

Nanan Visitor Center
Walami Trail (Walk to Kasin)
Walami Trail is located in Nanan of Yuli, Hualien, and the Trail is approximately 13.5km as measured from the Trail’s starting point to Walami Cabin. The Trail is fairly easily walkable as the slopes along the way are fairly flat. The name “Walami” originates from “ferns” in Bunun language. Surroundings in Walami are humid; it is especially cooling and refreshing to take a stroll here during summertime, and the leaves of the hardwood here would begin to turn red or yellow in the winter – rich and vivid layers of colors in the forest are exceptionally beautiful. One of the scenic spots along Walami Trail is the Shanfeng Waterfall, where visitors would not only be able to experience the invigorating waterfall torrents pouring down but also take a break at the gazebo here.
Nanan Visitor Center
Taiwan Black Bear Education Center
Yuli Railway Station
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