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Guguan Hot Springs

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  • Guguan Hot Springs
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Wenquan Ln., Sec. 1, Dongguan Rd., Heping Dist., Taichung City
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Accessible Toilets:2 (Guguan Visitor Center)

Accessible Parking:2 (Guguan Visitor Center)

Wheelchair Rentals:1 (Guguan Visitor Center)


Guguan is located in Bo'ai Village of Heping District of Taichung City. The altitude is 800 meters. It is next to Dajia River. It is a standard valley. The place is called Guguan because the Central Cross-Island Highway cuts across the valley and it looks like a guarded entrance. It is at the meeting points of Central Cross-Island Highway eastbound and westbound. It is also the center of Central Cross-Island touring route.

The place is famous for hot springs and country items. The hot springs in Guguan were first discovered by Atayal Tribe back in 1907. The quality of hot spring is good and the hot springs have been well renowned since the age of Japanese colonization. The hot springs are carbonic acid springs and the temperature is about 48 degrees Celsius. The hot springs are mild and are good for spa. Hotels in the region are equipped with hot spring spa facilities. The place is surrounded by clear creeks and dense forestry. Visitors can go camping, swimming and fishing. The scenery along the road is beautiful and there are many attractions. Spring and autumn are Guguan's most beautiful seasons. There are splendor cherry blossoms and maple trees for viewing. After enjoying the hot spring spa and the mountain view, one may further try the trout dish. What a pleasure!

Open Hours

24 hours

Travel Information

(Traffic information is subject to change. Please check with the transportation station before departure.)

※Central Cross-lsland Highway (Prov. Hwy 8) (Guguan - Deji) has been closed for a long time because of the 921 earthquake.

Nat'l Fwy 1 → Exit at the Taichung System Interchange → Nat'l Fwy 4 → Exit at the Fengyuan End Interchange → Prov. Hwy 3 → Prov. Hwy 8

  1. Take THSR to Taichung Station and transfer Fengyuan Bus 153 to Guguan stop.
  2. Take TRA to Taichung Station and transfer Fengyuan Bus 207 to Guguan stop.

Accessible Transportation


  1. Take THSR to Taichung Station and transfer Fengyuan Bus 153 (Some buses are low-floor) to Guguan stop.
  2. Take TRA to Taichung Station and transfer Fengyuan Bus 207 (Some buses are low-floor) to Guguan stop.
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