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One Day Accessible Tour in Guguan

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The riverside hot springs of "Guguan" is a famous hot spring in central Taiwan. With well-designed accessibility services, passengers who are physically challenged could also enjoy hot spring SPA and explore the hot spring culture in the exhibition house of Guguan Visitor Center.


Tour route


Tri-Mountain National Scenic Area - Guguan Visitor Center (Guguan Museum)
Tri-Mountain National Scenic Area - Guguan Visitor Center (Guguan Museum)
In the spring of 2021, Guguan Visitor Center was renovated and re-operated as a local miniature museum to receive tourists. It is expected that touri...

Accessible Toilets:2

Accessible Parking:2

Wheelchair Rentals:1

Guguan Hot Springs
Guguan Hot Springs
Guguan is located in Bo'ai Village of Heping District of Taichung City. The altitude is 800 meters. It is next to Dajia River. It is a standard valley...

Accessible Toilets:2 (Guguan Visitor Center)

Accessible Parking:2 (Guguan Visitor Center)

Wheelchair Rentals:1 (Guguan Visitor Center)

Last update time: 2021-11-10
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