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Neiwan Township

Hsinchu CountyScenic Spots
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  • Neiwan Theater
  • Neiwan Station
  • Neiwan Suspension Bridge
  • Neiwan Old Street
  • Grocery Store
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Enjoying pleasant weather, Neiwan Scenic Area is encircled by tall hills and run through with Youluo River. "Angling in Neiwan" is among the eight spectacles in Hsinchu. Neiwan Branch line is among the three infamous train branches in Taiwan. The Neiwan Branch Line of the Taiwan Railway will suspend operation from February 28, 2007, and reenter service in three and a half years. Visitors can take the Neiwan Branch train at Zhudong Township and go on a reminiscent trip.

The limpid Youluo River before your eyes is 100 meters in width. Looking down from the riverside highway at the riverbank, the picturesque scenery of the emerald green woods and spectacular suspension bridges is as enchanting as a heaven on earth in movies. Neiwan is known far and near for the five suspension bridges over the riverbank. Under suspension bridges, visitors can enjoy catching shrimp and crabs in shallow areas by the riverbank or swimming until their hearts' content in the stream, while the sandy beach serves as a perfect spot for barbecuing, camping, and holiday outings.

The scenic spots of Guangji Temple, the train station, and the theater on the Old Street as well as Neiwan suspension bridges are full of a reminiscent atmosphere. Take a stroll here and there and you will remember some charitable past memories. You will also see the lively characters of Brother A-San and Great Auntie, which have long been symbols of Neiwan. Funny comics along the street and recent popular special products, such as ginger lily-flavored glutinous rice, further add to hospitality and friendliness on the Old Street.

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