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Lukang Township, Changhua County: Craftsmanship, Cuisine, and Historic Sites

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  • Lukang Township, Changhua County: Craftsmanship, Cuisine, and Historic Sites
  • Lukang Tianhou Temple
  • Lukang Longshan Temple
  • Lukang Old Street
  • Taiwan Glass Hall
  • Lukang traditional craft
  • Lukang Tour Guide Map
  • Lugang's specialties
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Lukang Township, Changhua County

Lukang was the economic and transport hub of central Taiwan in earlier times. The saying "first Tainan, second Lukang and third Mengjia (today Wanhua District in Taipei)," illustrates the high position of the town in its glory days.

In addition to being the early cultural capital of Taiwan, Lukang was also a commercially prosperous area. During the Qing period, the town was an important trading port, bringing all types of products to the town and fueling Lukang's economic rise. Lukang was also unrivaled for its high cuisine and a diversity of local snack foods reflecting its broad immigrant mix. Delicious seafood, baked goods, and distinctive street food are part of Lukang's signature appeal. This diverse food culture, along with historic sites, scenic attractions, beautiful craftsmanship, make Lukang a destination as rewarding to the eyes and mind as it is to the palate.

Visit Lukang and discover why it shares a spot with Taichung City and Nantou County among Taiwan's must-see "Golden Triangle" tourism destinations.

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