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  • Ershui Bikeway
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Ershui is famous for Bagua Mountain and Zhuoshui River. A refreshing town, it leans against mountains and faces rivers, boasting graceful natural scenery. Ershui Train Station links up Jiji Railway and Western Trunk Line and it is also a gateway to Jiji, Sun Moon Lake, Xitou and inner Nantou.

Ershui is also known for Babao Canal, one of Taiwan's oldest canals, Mister Lin Temple, Luoxi Inkstone which was loved by scholars in the old days, Formosan Macaque Conservation Zone, Jiji Railway, and Ershui Bicycle Path. Why not take a cultural tour in Ershui!

Biyun Buddhist Temple
The oldest temple in this region, Biyun worships the Goddess of Mercy. Leaning against mountains and facing a pond, the temple feels quiet and indignant.

Mister Line Temple
The temple was built to commemorate those who built Babao Canal as an irrigation facility in the Qing Dynasty. The temple is full of nostalgic charm and it boasts beautiful natural scenery. Graceful and unique it is.

Luoxi Inkstone
Luoxi Inkstone can be found nowhere else but in Ershui. The stones are taken from Luoxi, a branch of Zhuoshui River. The hard, fine stone can retain much water and thus it is perfect for making high-quality moisty ink. It is even easy to clean. Luoxi Inkstone comes in many different colors, and the dark red ones are most precious and pricy.


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