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Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area - Fulong Visitor Center

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The Northeast Coast National Scenic Area is located in the northeast corner of Taiwan, stretching 102.5 kilometers from Nanya District in New Taipei City to the south cape of Neibi Beach in Su'ao Township. It encompasses 17,130 hectares of land and sea.

This scenic area is noted for its numerous capes and bays backed by green mountains. Its attractions include spectacular rock formations, unique sea-eroded landforms, beaches of fine golden sand, a rich diversity of marine life, and an unspoiled cultural heritage. It is a multipurpose tourist destination that serves the dual functions of a fascinating natural classroom and an enchanting coastal playground. The Tourism Administration established the Northeast Coast National Scenic Area Headquarters in 1984, charging it with the development and management of the area's tourism resources as well as the preservation of its environment. In addition to developing areas of outstanding scenic beauty as tourist items, the Tourism Administration has also established nature preserves here, both on land and at sea, in order to sustain forever the ecological vitality of the Northeast Coast.

The Northeast Coast National Scenic Area, which runs from Juifang south to Beigangkou in Yilan County, is noted for its natural beauty: reefs, rivers, terraced rice paddies, rolling green hills, lighthouses, and two of Taiwan's best beaches. Recreational opportunities include camping, rock climbing, hiking along a 200-year-old footpath, and water sports, such as swimming, surfing, wind surfing, jet skiing, boating, snorkeling and scuba diving.

Fulong Visitor Center

The Fulong Visitor Center is right next to the Fulong Beach. It is located within a white-walled, red-tiled building along with the Northeast and Yilan National Scenic Area Headquarters. You can find information on the Northeast Coast's nature, culture and scenic spots.

The men and women's toilets beside the parking lot are especially equipped with the "occupied" lights so that no doors will be opened by accident when someone's responding to nature's call. In these green toilets, all transom windows are built with wavy cast iron materials that symbolize ocean waves. Winds and sunshine come through, whilst users' privacy is kept. Even rainwater is collected to flush the toilets. In these energy and water-saving toilets, users can even listen to melodious music played through a digital broadcasting system.

1F: There are two briefing rooms, a biking experience zone, a driftwood sculpture display, a Northeast scenic spot hunting map and a service center. The big briefing room can accommodate up to 160 audience members, the 15-minute widescreen "Loving Mountains and Oceans" is screened here regularly. In the small briefing room, the 20-minute "Landscapes of the Turtle Island" and 18-minute "Wise Turtle of the North Coast" are shown. You can ask for travel tips from the service center or preview the area's biking routes at the biking experience zone. Exhibits on the Northeast Coast's oceanic and mountain ecologies can also be found. Don't forget to take a picture at the postcard-photo taking machine.

Driftwood Sculpture Hall: Taiwan was hit by Typhoons Toraji, Nari and Haiyan in a row in 2001. After the disasters, pieces of driftwood were brought to the Northeast Coast. Some were recycled at first, but others were kept because they have come from precious native Taiwanese trees. To raise people's environmental awareness, promote local tourism and cultivate art talents, the Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Headquarters entrusted 22 wood sculptors from Sanyi and the Taiwan Wood-carving Association to make driftwood sculptures themed by the nature and culture of the Northeast Coast. In this way, the driftwood has also been given a new life and artistic values. To better preserve these sculptures, which are mostly made of rare Formosan cypress, camphor and Taiwan incense cedar, the Driftwood Sculpture Hall was built. Today, they symbolize the green spirit of the Northeast Coast and the artisticness of its culture.

2F: Northeast Coast Virtual Experience Zone

Fun Kingdom of Sand Sculptures: Introducing the origin and history of the Fulong International Sand Sculpture Festival, how to make sand sculptures, and sand sculpture tools. Previous festival photos and videos are also on display.

Story of Fishery Village: Introducing the Maoao stone houses and the lives of fishery village households. Colorful Undersea World: Showcasing the colorful oceanic world of the Northeast Coast.

Railway Stroll: Highliting the Pingxi Line and the history and features of the old Pingxi Train Station.

Travel in Northeast Coast: Listing all travel info about the Golden Fulong Route of the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle. Swipe QR Code to learn more!

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Travel Information

(Traffic information is subject to change. Please check with the transportation station before departure.)

Nat'l Fwy 1 → Exit at the Badu Interchange → Prov. Hwy 62 → Prov. Hwy 2

  1. Take TRA to Fulong Station.
  2. Take TRA to Ruifang Station and transfer Gold Fulong Shuttle Bus 856 to Fulong Visitor Center stop.
  3. Take TRA to Keelung Station and transfer Keelung Bus 791 to Fulong stop.

Accessible Transportation


  1. Take TRA to Fulong Station.
  2. Take TRA to Ruifang Station and transfer Gold Fulong Shuttle Bus 856 (All buses are low-floor) to Fulong Visitor Center stop.
  3. Take TRA to Keelung Station and transfer Keelung Bus 791 (Some buses are Low-floor) to Fulong stop.

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