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One Day Senior Travel in Fulong and Caoling Historic Trail

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Come and walk along the Caoling historic trail! Every autumn, it's the season to touch and feel the Silver Grass. Don't miss the Fulong sand sculpting festival in summer. See the New Year's sunrise with your families and friends, and together experience the beautiful scenery of Taiwan's Northeast Coast.

Tips for Senior Traveler:

Fulong Sand Sculpture Art Festival
The area stretching from Gongliao village to Fulong in the northeast coast of Taiwan has been evaluated as the most suitable place for sand sculpting in Taiwan by the World Sand Sculpting Association (WSSA). This golden coastline is 3 km long, and the quality of the white sand is soft and fine, allowing it to be easily shaped after mixing with water. Adults and children can shape their own small kingdoms along the coast here. Sand sculpting activity is a recreation that combines children's delights and artistic abilities. In recent years, the government enlarged the scale of these events, even inviting an American master of sand sculpting - Gerry Kirk- here, who created large sand sculptures such as the Forbidden City and a crystal palace on the beach of Gongliao. In addition, another 4 masters of the U.S. and Canada came with him, creating a 30 meters long, 25 meters wide, and 10 meters tall huge magic sand castle, surprising the people who came here to play, and also opening their eyes to the extent of art forms. In recent years, light projections and illuminated landscapes are here to impress people at night. The thematic LED projections change colors from time to time, leading visitors to a fantastical journey of sand sculptures.

Sunrise at the Northeast Coast
The Administration holds the sunrise-watching event to celebrate the New Year with people at the Northeast Coast, bathing in the first rays of the Sun of a year. New Year's Eve goers can take a special New Year train to Fulong to continue with their celebrations. At Fulong Beach, a New Year sunrise music concert will be held from night to dawn, taking away all worries! When the first rays of the Sun come out, Buddhist masters from Ling Jiou Mountain will make bells chime and give people blessings. Let's say "Happy New Year" to each other!

Caoling Historic Trail: The Season of Silver Grass
The Silver Grass Festival of Caoling Historic Trail has drawn many visitors throughout the years with impressive scenes of blooming silver grass. A full mountain of silver grass in the winds is like a sea of silver waves. Each year, the Administration holds fun interactive games and a series of side events, such as tiger-inscription rubbings and old-trail guided tours. Deep in the mountain, there is an old mansion-like forestry station which is now accessible to general visitors. If you are in love with nature or hiking, while the silver grass festival is held, why not visit Caoling Historic Trail with family and friends. Be embraced by dancing silver grass and enjoy leisurely time in the mountains. We recommend visiting famous nearby tourist destinations such as Tiangong Temple, Dali Visitor Center, and the Silver Grass Center of Caoling Historic Trail. Explore Caoling during the silver grass blooming season for a romantic yet informative tour!


Tour route


Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area - Fulong Visitor Center
Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area - Fulong Visitor Center
The Northeast Coast National Scenic Area is located in the northeast corner of Taiwan, stretching 102.5 kilometers from Nanya District in New Taipei C...

Accessible Toilets:1

Accessible Parking:5

Wheelchair Rentals:5

Caoling Historic Trail
Caoling Historic Trail
The Caoling Historic Trail cuts across Sandiaojiao, starting at Yuanwangkeng, just inland from Fulung, and ending at Dali on the coast. It is the only...
Longmen Camping Site
Longmen Camping Site
Longmen Camp Site offers water sports and camping activities. In addition to camping, the riverside park offers rafting, fishing, romantic evening and...

Accessible Toilets:2

Accessible Parking:7

Wheelchair Rentals:3

Travel Information


  1. Take TRA to Fulong Station.
  2. Take TRA to Ruifang Station and transfer Gold Fulong Shuttle Bus 856 (All buses are low-floor) to Fulong Visitor Center stop.
  3. Take TRA to Keelung Station and transfer Keelung Bus 791 (Some buses are low-floor) to Fulong stop.
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