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Taiwan Tourism Events

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  • International
    Penghu Cross-Sea Marathon Nov 03, 2024

    The Gaillardia Islands Penghu Cross-sea Marathon is the first of its kind using outer islands. The route never double-backs on itself, and no A to B hops are made. This route has been certified by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and AIMS. Special foods and creative cheerleading teams along the route allow runners to deeply experience the beauty of Penghu.

  • International
    Chiayi City lnternational Band Festival The schedule for this activity in 2024 has not been decided.

    The Chiayi International Band Festival began in 1993 as a music festival with performances by five school orchestras. Its breadth and participation have expanded since then, and it now combines performing arts, music culture, organized street performances, large-scale evening parties, and indoor and outdoor concerts. The event lasts for two weeks, and it is has become one of Chiayi City’s most distinctive cultural activities.

  • International
    Taipei—Marathon The schedule for this activity in 2024 has not been decided.

    Since it was first held in 1986, the annual Taipei Marathon has become an important international event. It integrates sport with an opportunity to explore Taipei City. The event is certified by the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races and has received the World Athletics Elite Label. It was the first urban marathon event in Taiwan to obtain label certification.

  • International
    Valley Light Festival The schedule for this activity in 2024 has not been decided.

    The two historic cedars that stand in front of the Lishan Hotel were used to create the "Tallest Christmas Tree in Taiwan" event. The lighting and decorations combined local aboriginal elements of Guguan’s Lishan District. Special performances also helped to highlight the beauty of the Lishan Valley Pass.

  • International
    New Year's Eve Celebration Dec 31, 2024~Jan 01, 2025

    A large-scale performance event will be held at the City Hall Square in front of the Taipei City Hall. Well-known local and foreign artists and performance groups will perform. This will be paired with the famous Taipei 101 New Year countdown show, which is shared by people from around the world.

  • International
    2023-2024 Biennial Butterfly Beauty Festival Nov 04, 2023~Feb 29, 2024

    The Maolin National Scenic Area in Gaoping Mountain is famous near and far for its "Purple Butterfly Valley." This is rated as a 3-star eco attraction by the Green Michelin Guide. The "Biennial Butterfly Beauty Festival" is an annual festival held from November to March of the following year. Over these months, thousands of purple butterflies cross the ocean to live in this valley, creating a famous butterfly valley viewing event.

  • International
    2024 Taichung Mazu International Festival Feb 13, 2024~May 18, 2024

    Taichung’s Mazu belief is unique. It is famous as the starting point for a 340-km pilgrimage carrying the Taoist goddess Mazu. Believers accompany the procession on foot. Combined with 12 century-old palaces and temples in Taichung City. Mazu beliefs and cultural activities of various regions are integrated, promoting Mazu culture to the international stage and attracting cultural pilgrims from around the world to experience the beauty of the folk beliefs.

  • International
    2024 Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival 2024/02/17、02/24

    First held in 1999, New Taipei City’s Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival has helped enhance Taiwan’s international profile. This local folk festival attracts visitors from near and far. The international media that have praised the event include CNN, the Discovery Channel, and National Geographic Magazine. Reader's Digest named it as one of 40 places to visit before you are 40.

  • International
    2024 Taipei International Book Exhibition Feb 20, 2024~Feb 25, 2024

    The book exhibition uses various themes to attract the public, and each country takes turns serving as host. Publishing houses from various countries participate, providing for excellent opportunities for cultural sharing and interaction.

  • International
    2024Taiwan Lantern Festival ─ Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival Feb 23, 2024~Feb 24, 2024

    The Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival is a well-known folk activity that creates quite a stir during Taiwan’s Lantern Festival, attracting thousands of tourists every year. Together with the "Pingxi Sky Lanterns," the festivals are known as “lanterns in the north, beehive fireworks in the south.” The beehive fireworks have been an event for almost 150 years. The original purpose was to drive away a plague. It has since become a top-10 celebration in Asia, and famous throughout the world.

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