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2023-2024 Taiwan Hot Spring & Fine-Cuisine Carnival

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  • Lantern scenery at Sichongxi Hot Springs Park  Year:2022  Source:Pingtung County Government
  • Guanziling Hot Spring Food Festival –Huo Wangye (Lord of Fire) Night Patrol  Year:2022  Source:Pingtung County Government
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Sep 18, 2023~Jun 30, 2024
Tourism Administration, MOTC
2023-2024 Taiwan Hot Spring & Fine-Cuisine Carnival_Links

Taiwan is uniquely endowed with many types of springs, including cold, hot, turbid, and submarine springs. Taiwan is world-renowned for its spring resorts.

The “Hot Spring and Fine-Cuisine Carnival" is popular with both local and foreign tourists. This is an annual event that promotes hot spring tourism in autumn and winter.


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