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One Day Accessible Tour in Shetou, Changhua

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The "Qingshuiyan Temple," which was built in 1728 and has a rich history and beautiful scenery, attracts a lot of believers. You can explore historical Chinese culture by checking out the ancient architectural style, and visiting the garden next to the temple to enjoy the beauty of nature and the local folk culture.The natural ecology of insects, birds and plants are must-see. During lunchtime, you can go to Fukui Railway Museum and enjoy traditional Taiwanese railroad pork chop lunch boxes. Then, you can experience the socks doll DIY at LOHO Hosiery Museum. In the Taiwan Glove Museum, there is a six-meter tall hand-made glove for selfies. The museum also introduces the history of the glove industry and how gloves are made.


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Qingshuiyan Temple
Qingshuiyan Temple
Qingshuiyan Temple was built in 1728. With rich history and beautiful scenery, the temple attracts a lot of believers. You can explore historical Chin...

Accessible Toilets:2

Accessible Parking:2 for automobiles, 1 for motorcycles

Qingshuiyan Ecological Display Center
Qingshuiyan Ecological Display Center
Shetou is the hometown of the hosiery, but "Qingshuiyan Ecological Display Center" collects abundant and precious insect specimens. It would...

Accessible Toilets:1

Accessible Parking:1

Fukui Railway Museum
Fukui Railway Museum
With a passion for collecting railway relics, the owner of this museum opened this railway museum to the public. Visitors can sit in the space that is...
LOHO Hosiery Museum
LOHO Hosiery Museum
LOHAS Hosiery museum used to be a traditional sock factory. With industrial transformation, they started to open their factory to engage with the publ...
Taiwan Glove Museum
Taiwan Glove Museum
Have you ever worn gloves? You can find any kind and size of gloves here. And the most famous glove which is 6 meters tall just broke the Guinness Wor...

Accessible Toilets:1

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