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Wang Ying Hsin Art Museum

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  • Wang Ying Hsin Art Museum
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No. 25, Zhongzheng Rd., Caotun Township, Nantou County


After 15 long years of preparation, design, and landscaping, Wang Ying Hsin Art Museum finally took shape as a sculpture park. With assistance from the present-day Ministry of Culture, which was known as the Council for Cultural Affairs at the time, in 2007, it was inaugurated also as a regional cultural museum. On the opening day, politicians, artists, cultural experts, and the general public all attended the occasion and expressed their best wishes. It was considered an unprecedented major event for the artists' circle in Nantou.

It was founder Wang Ying-Hsin's long-time hope to display sculptures in the wild. Instead of showing them in a formal indoor space, keeping a distance from visitors, Wang hoped the sculptures could "interact" with the sun, winds, and rain. Wang thus spent years finding a place which would bring nature and the creative mind together, while attaining a deep sense of art. He would also like the place to be a part of his home, and make sculptures quietly in it. So, 17 years back, after visiting more than a hundred pieces of hillside land for six consecutive months, Wang finally settled with the one opposite to Jiujiu Peak in Shuandong, Caotun Township, Nantou County. Surrounded by mountains and waters, the tranquil place was ideal for making art. Today, Wang leads visitors to appreciate the camphor trees and sculptures in the park when he has time, and encourages visitors to immerse in the charm of forests while feeling inspired by sculptures.

Wang has made plenty of artworks in the last 30 years. The museum, hidden in a hill-side green forest by Zhongtan Highway (Taiwan Art Boulevard), now showcases these artworks outdoors. Beside stone-paved paths are camphor trees, fruit trees, and sculptures of all sizes. Roughly 120 medium-sized and large sculptures are on display, such as Sculptor Henry Moore (5m), Summer Day (4.2m), Roar (4.2m), Compassion (3.3m), Eternity (Elderly Lovers) (2m), Former President Lee Teng-hui Playing Golf (2.2m), and Yang San-lang (2.2m). There are also about 30 highly artistic real-size sculptures, too.

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Take THSR or TRA to Taichung Station, transfer Nantou Bus 6670 (bound for Sun Moon Lake) to Cukeng stop.

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