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Taipei Metro

The MRT's many trains and its seamless bus transfer make up Taipei's convenient transport system. You are cordially invited to take the MRT and enjoy the city's beautiful views along the way.

  • Wenhu Line

    Wenhu Line

  • MRT’s Public Art

    MRT's Public Art

How to Buy Tickets

  1. There are automatic ticket machines at each station. The machines only accept cash coins but you can always change a note into coins at the station. You may also purchase a ticket by the counter.
  2. Please swipe your card or token before taking a ride. To ensure everyone enjoys a comfortable and safe ride, smoking is entirely forbidden in all stations. No drinks, food or chewing gums are allowed either within the yellow line in front of the ticket gate.
  3. When you finish the ride, swipe your one-day pass or Easy Card by the gate and the system will automatically deduct some fees from the card. If you use a token, the machine will take the token away.
  • Please enter the station on the left side of the gate once you have swiped the card. Go to the platform to take the train.

    Please enter the station on the left side of the gate once you have swiped the card. Go to the platform to take the train.

  • Wait for the train to come at the waiting area.

    Wait for the train to come at the waiting area.

  • The ticket gate will take away your token when you go out. If you use a one-day pass or an Easy Card, just swipe it and go.

    The ticket gate will take away your token when you go out. If you use a one-day pass or an Easy Card, just swipe it and go.

Ticket Price and Type

Depending on the distance, a single journey ride starts from NT$20 to NT$65. The one-day pass which may be purchased at each station's service counter is NT$150. On the date of validation you may take the MRT as many times as you like. Each pass may only be used by one person at a time, however.

Ticket info: Fare and Travel Time Inquiries
Ticket type: The tickets you may use at MRT

  • Single-Journey ticket

    Single-Journey Ticket

  • Taipei Metro One-Day Pass

    Taipei Metro One-Day Pass

Routes and Stations

MRT Transport Info: Routes and Stations

Routes and Stations

Wenhu Line Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center - Taipei Zoo
Tamsui-Xinyi Line Tamsui - Xiangshan
Songshan-Xindian Line  Songshan - Xindian
Zhonghe-Xinlu Line Luzhou - Nanshijiao, Huilong - Nanshijiao
Bannan Line Dingpu - Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center
Circular Line New Taipei Industrial Park - Dapinglin

Scenic Spots Near MRT Stations

BR01 Taipei Zoo Station Taipei Zoo, Maokong Gondola
BR15 Jiannan Rd. Station Miramar Entertainment Park
R03 Taipei 101 / World Trade Center Station  Taipei 101
R06 Daan Park Station  Daan Park
R15 Jiantan Station  Shilin Night Market
R16 Shilin Station National Palace Museum, Chiang Kai-shek Shilin Residence
R22A Xinbeitou Station Beitou Hot Springs
R28 Tamsui Station Tamsui Old Street
G01 Xindian Station Bitan Scenic Area
G10、R08 Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall Station Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall
G17 Taipei Arena Station Taipei Arena
O09 Xingtian Temple Station Xingtian Temple
BL10 Longshan Temple Station  Longshan Temple
BL11、G12 Ximen Station  Ximending
BL17 Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall Station Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall

Taiwan Smart Card


EasyCard is a contactless electronic fare-card that may be used at MRT, bus, parking lots, or partnership stores. Just gently touch the sensor machine with the card and the payment will be made. No cash coins are needed and no accidental double purchase may take place. The customer may top up the card in all MRT stations and convenience stores.

EasyCard Web

  • EasyCard


  • iPASS



iPass is easy to carry, safe to use, and does not need cash change. Also, because the customer has to top-up to keep using the card, this helps the customer to keep to his or her budget in addition to paying electronically, thereby reducing the chance of overspending or overexpansion of credit. An electronic fare-card is convenient because:

  1. The user does not need to bring cash notes or coins anymore, and if more people use electronic fare-cards in a line, it reduces the time of wait.
  2. No cash change is required anymore. And customer can still carry out a purchase even without enough change.
  3. The user can easily check transaction info and control own spending.
  4. The card may be combined with any bonus point system and get free gifts or super-value services back.
  5. Unlike credit card, no personal info may be stolen with the electronic fare-card.

The iPASS card can be used as a normal ticket for many public transport systems in Taiwan. When you take Taipei Metro, Taoyuan MRT, Kaohsiung MRT, Kaohsiung Light Rail, Taiwan Railway Journey, many city buses and intercity buses in Taiwan, you do not need to wait in line and buy a ticket but simply use iPASS card for your access. You can also use it for the tickets of YouBike, ferries and many car parks in Taiwan. The transaction can be quickly finished by passing your card over the sensor area. In addition to the public transportation, iPASS card is an electronic ticket which can be used for the entry tickets of many tourist attractions and amusement parks and for the purchase in many places like the Department Stores, 7-ELEVEN, FamilyMart, Hi-Life, OK Mart Convenience Stores, PX Mart, and Petrol Stations (CPC, FORMOSA, and NPC). It can also be used in other popular purchasing areas like restaurants, tea chain stores, traditional markets, night markets, and cinemas, etc. The iPASS card not only helps you get rid of the need for preparing the coins and buying the tickets, but it also gives you more discounts when you take the public transportation. The iPASS card can be reused, and the value can be added at any time; therefore, there is no need to purchase new cards. Enjoy your journey in Taiwan by using the iPASS card which provides you an easier and more convenient way in your purchase.


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