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Visitors can find convenient taxi services in most of Taiwan’s cities. The starting and meter rates vary depending on each city, according to local laws. But the difference is rather small. Most drivers do not speak English, however. Therefore we advise that you ask a hotel staff to write down the destination in Mandarin and the estimate charge first, so that you can hand it over to the driver later. Keep a note of the info of the hotel you stay with in Mandarin, too.

  • THSR Taxi Stop

    THSR Taxi Stop

  • Taipei City Hall Bus Station Taxi Stop

    Taipei City Hall Bus Station Taxi Stop


Taxi fare is charged slightly differently throughout the country. For instance, in Taipei, the first 1.25km is NT$70. From that point on, every additional 200m is NT$5. Night cab charges NT$20 more per ride. Cross-town long-distance taxi does not charge by the meter. Please discuss the fee with your taxi driver first. (For more info, please visit the website of the transportation bureau of your destination city.)


In case your taxi driver asks for an unreasonably high charge or performs any other inappropriate behavior, please note down his name and his car number, and file a complaint to a local motor vehicles office or a police station with a foreign affairs division, including time, location and details of the incident.

  1. To file a complaint in Taipei City:
    Department of Transportation, Taipei City Government: +886-2-2720-8889 ext.6888
    Traffic Division, Taipei City Police Department: +886-2394-9007
    Taipei City Public Transportation Office: +886-2-2759-2677
  2. To file a complaint at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport:
    To file a Taxi-related complaint: +886-3-383-4499
  3. To file a complaint in Taichung City:
    Taichung Motor Vehicle Office, Directorate General of Highways, MOTC: +886-4-2691-3464
  4. To file a complaint in Kaohsiung City:
    Transportation Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government: +886-7-229-9865
Last update time:2019-08-26
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