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Great Northeast Tourism Union

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The Great Northeast Corner Tourism Union offers a wonderful variety of landscapes and scenery that changes with the seasons. The area is rich in natural and cultural resources, including diverse hiking trails and ecology, unique reefs and rocks, and quaint old streets. A variety of farming, mountain and fishing communities create interesting cultural diversity. Well-known attractions include Guishan Island, charming Shuijinjiu and one of the top-ten small sightseeing towns, Ruifang. Other small towns that are excellent for in-depth tourism are Su'ao (cold springs), Nanfang'ao (mackerel), Dongshan (straw crafts and kite art) and Yuanshan (the hometown of gezai opera).


  • Moku Traveler Bookstore
    Moku Traveler Bookstore
    No.55,Wenhua St.,Luodong Township,Yilan County

    The Moku Traveler Bookstore, hidden in an alley near Nanmen Road in Luodong, is set within an old principal's dormitory of the Chenggong Elementary School. Previously called Stay Traveler Bookstore, the original building was completed in 1927. It is now used as a youth entrepreneurship base, and to promote arts and culture in Luodong. The building retains its Japanese characteristics. The white gravel on the grounds is an artistic conception of mountains and rivers. Inside, hand-painted cultural and creative products combine well with wooden bookcases. The site also occasionally hosts activities such as book clubs and art fairs, all adding life to the bookstore.

  • Music Rice Agri-marketing Studio
    Music Rice Agri-marketing Studio
    No.3-10, Malin Rd.,Jiaoxi Township,Yilan County

    After living in Australia and Japan, and visiting many countries in Southeast Asia, President Fang Zi-wei of the Music Rice Agri-marketing Studio returned to Taiwan and the seemingly inconspicuous location of an Yilan traditional market. Combining his local life experience from Yilan with his love of food and music, he created his new studio. Visitors can participate in collecting ingredients, cooking local delicacies, and listening to tunes that are full of local flavor. In the process, the group can build a sense of community and grow closer together.

  • Houtong Miner’s Culture and History Association
    Houtong Miner’s Culture and History Association
    No.3-10,Chailiao Rd.,Ruifang Dist.,New Taipei City

    The Houtong Miner's Culture and History Museum and the adjacent Ruisan Pit are less than a ten-minute walk from Houtong Train Station. A gated tunnel entrance welcomes you to the building. Visit the cultural and historical archives on the second floor. An ingenious three-dimensional wall provides explanations and displays equipment from the old days, as well as historic photos. Visitors can better understand the life of a miner. A semi-exposed space on the second floor provides a feeling of what it was like to work in a mine.

  • Suao Hipei Life
    Suao Hipei Life
    No.81-2,Zaochuan Rd.,Su'ao Township,Yilan County

    At the corner of the alley leading from Nanfangao Fishing Port to the Ziezaiao Glass Beach, this new ocean-themed restaurant has opened with bright blue and white whale murals to attract tourists. They also provide marine recreational services by reservation. The restaurant was recently added to better provide for the needs of visitors.

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  • Kangqi Culture Studio
    Kangqi Culture Studio
    No.55-43,Zuanxiang Rd.,Toucheng Township,Yilan County

    Toucheng offers unique places, historic buildings, and a long history. It also has interesting people, nice scenery and many places to explore. The Kangqi Culture Studio is a place that brings everything together.

  • Niu-Tou-Si Farm School
    Niu-Tou-Si Farm School
    No.21,Aly.122,Sec.1,Dafu Rd.,Zhuangwei Township,Yilan County

    Niutousi is a rural life education park with raising cattle at its core. The goal is to provide a chance for people to get close to farm animals, and learn about co-existence. The owners hope that activities such as plowing, brushing and bathing cattle will give people a chance to feel close to the land, and explore the symbiotic relationships between humans, animals and the environment.

  • Goldfish House Space
    Goldfish House Space
    No.28-34,Zhongyong St.,Toucheng Township,Yilan County

    The Goldfish House Space is a 50-year-old building on Toucheng Old Street. Its owner, Mr. Qiu Jin-yu, was the mayor of Toucheng from 1968-77. In 2015, Peng Ren-hong, a young man who returned to Toucheng, rented this old house that was almost demolished. It became the first stronghold for young people returning home to work in the local area. The name "Goldfish" comes from the name of the former mayor, as “Jinyu” means goldfish in Chinese. With the spirit of "Hao Cuo Bian," or “good house,” it connects people, places and products. The lead team explores Toucheng in search of products that reflect the charm and creativity of their town, and they also promote local art and cultural activities.

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  • Yilan County Annongxi Green Tourism and Leisure Industry Association
    Yilan County Annongxi Green Tourism and Leisure Industry Association
    No.77, Xingjian 5th Rd.,Sanxing Township,Yilan County

    Dazhou Station was closed in 1979. After the end of its original role, the Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency restored the facility using wooden materials. They rebuilt and repainted the platform, timetable, and other historic features. The station’s museum has cultural relics and displays historic photos from the days of the old railway. The Sanshing Returning Youth Group applied to the Tourism Administration for permission to provide public travel information and bicycle rental services. Following on this, they launched small local tours. These allow tourists to enjoy the surroundings of Annongxi through the Yilan Learning Map App.

  • Toucheng Leisure Farm
    Toucheng Leisure Farm
    No.125-1,Gengxin Rd.,Toucheng Township,Yilan County

    Since it opened in 1968, the Toucheng Leisure Farm has followed the philosophy of "health, happiness, experience and learning." It strives to create an international-level leisure farm that fully respects nature and efficiently integrates agricultural production, natural ecology and rural culture. The Toucheng Farm transforms its fruit trees, flowers, rice, and vegetables into various interesting learning activities. Thus, domestic and foreign tourists of all ages can enjoy four-season farming and food, and also discover the values of an agricultural life.

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  • Sinbow Leisure Farm
    Sinbow Leisure Farm
    No.7-5,Dongxing Rd.,Sanxing Township,Yilan County

    The Sinbow Leisure Farm guides tourists through its operations so that they can learn about green onions (scallions), such as harvesting and cleaning. It also provides a variety of hand-made DIY activities, such as those related to traditional scallion pancakes, allowing tourists to experience sweet and delicious three-star green onions with all five senses. In 2021 an area for cute animals called “Country Road” was added. Here they raise sika deer and miniature donkeys. This allows more urbanites, big and small, to have an opportunity to interact with animals.

  • Yilan County Toucheng Port Community Development Association
    Yilan County Toucheng Port Community Development Association
    No.60-3,Gangkou Rd.,Toucheng Township,Yilan County

    Toucheng Port is a beautiful fishing village community between the mountains and the sea. With a rise in community awareness, the port's heritage was regained, and innovative approaches began to appear. Surfers can now be seen atop the waves of the sea. Various objects are also navigating the skies above. In the distance, Guishan Island has taken on a spiritual feel for the local community, while the new Lanyang Museum provides an interesting record the area's historical evolution.

  • Ruifang Old Street Culture and Tourism Promotion Association
    Ruifang Old Street Culture and Tourism Promotion Association
    No.50,Ruifang St.,Ruifang Dist.,New Taipei City

    The Ruifang Old Street Culture and Tourism Promotion Association is focused on preserving and promoting the culture and history of Ruifang, symbolized in part by the lamps that miners formerly took down to the mines. The Association works with local schools, studios and residents. This includes an effort to design artistic bottle lamps. These are on display at the Association's offices, as well as at the Xuchu Library and a tourism gathering spot, the Ruifang Tangerine Shop. The efforts are turning Ruifang into a creative and artistic location, centered on its Old Street.

  • Gongliao Street Organic Bookstore (Wild Boy Fun Industry Co.)
    Gongliao Street Organic Bookstore (Wild Boy Fun Industry Co.)
    No.46,Gongliao St.,Gongliao Dist.,New Taipei City

    "We exchange books, rather than sell them.” This is the slogan of the Gongliao Street Organic Bookstore, which is located at #46 Gongliao Old Street. It provides "book floating" and book exchange services. This is a not-for-profit venture that focuses on culture. Book lovers can meet each other hear, listen to lectures, and increase opportunities for people-to-people exchanges. The shop also attracts tourists and members of the younger generation to the “long lost” Gongliao Old Street. The book exchange effort has brought new learning opportunities to this rural area.

  • Toucheng Fusen Yilan Lishan Art Ecological Park
    Toucheng Fusen Yilan Lishan Art Ecological Park
    No.205,Gengxin Rd.,Toucheng Township,Yilan County

    Fusen Lishan is located on the old grounds of the Beiguan Farm on Gengxin Road, Toucheng Township. It's a leisure farm that coexists with nature, combining the themes of “ecology, production, and life.” The Lishan Initiative Park is here. The concept of "Lishan," which in Japanese is “Satoyama,” originated from the Japanese concept of realizing harmonious coexistence between man and nature. Fusen uses Satoyama as a theme for respecting the value of all species, recycling environmental resources, promoting natural aesthetics, and promoting art and performance.

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  • Longdong South Ocean Park (Longdong Four Seasons Bay)
    Longdong South Ocean Park (Longdong Four Seasons Bay)
    No.48,Hemei St.,Gongliao Dist.,New Taipei City

    The blue sea is paired with a white castle-shaped building at this Mediterranean-style resort next to the Gongliao section of the north coastal road. This is the Longdong South Ocean Park (Longdong Four Seasons Bay). Open all-year round, it's an ocean park with diving and weddings at its core. Under a blue sky, one can swim in the natural seawater swimming pool gifted by the Pacific Ocean. The intertidal zone can be visited, and divers can explore the magnificence of the underwater world.

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  • Shuangxi Pinglin Leisure Farm
    Shuangxi Pinglin Leisure Farm
    No.35,Waipinglin,Shuangxi Dist.,New Taipei City

    Rural life is on full display at the Shuangxi Pinglin Leisure Farm. The home furnishings of restored traditional houses are combined with experiences such as stilt walking, blowing bubbles, weaving straw, painting insects, making dumplings and other DIY activities. Fine restaurants, coffee shops and barbecue areas are also available. Local ingredients are prepared in creative ways. This is a nostalgic world far removed from the bustle of modern urban society.

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  • Renhe Abalone Farm
    Renhe Abalone Farm
    4F.-3,No.100,Renhe Rd.,Gongliao Dist.,New Taipei City

    About 20 years ago, Renhe Abalone began to create a suitable environment for abalone growth, including a special small type called Jiukong (“nine holes”). The ecological diversity of the farm is actively maintained so that the abalone can grow in a natural and chemical-free manner. Despite market challenges from the dumping of inferior abalone from China, Renhe Abalone built a strong niche with its natural approach. It has become part of a fashionable tourism and leisure trend. Tourists travel to the farm to learn about abalone farming. They can explore the ecological classroom provided by the intertidal zone, and they can taste abalone while enjoying the sea breeze and the leisurely life of a fishing village.

  • Longdong Bay Ocean Park
    Longdong Bay Ocean Park
    No.63-8,Longdong St.,Gongliao Dist.,New Taipei City

    The Longdong Bay Ocean Park is a great place to bring the whole family to cool off in the middle of a hot summer. Some pool areas use seawater pumped in right from the ocean. It's a paradise for water lovers and children. You can swim, canoe and dive here. The park's clear bay is home to almost 100 types of fish, allowing visitors to have a chance to interact with the sea life and enjoy the gentle embrace of the sea. You can also relax and enjoy delicious coffee and snacks in the coffee shop, which overlooks the bay's beautiful waters.

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  • Dongshan Excellent Food Agricultural Park
    Dongshan Excellent Food Agricultural Park
    No.39,Zhongzheng Rd.,Dongshan Township,Yilan County

    Dongshan Township Farmers Association is based in a rural area along the Dongshan River. This region's pure water and fertile land produce many high-quality agricultural products, including Dongshan rice, sweetfish, Suxin tea and pomelos. The markets here offer high-quality agricultural products from all over Taiwan, allowing tourists to shop for many products without having to drive long distances. The park includes a farmer's market where local producers sell their freshy-harvested foods.



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