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Southwest Coast Tourism Union

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Yunlin, Chiayi and Tainan are collectively known as Yunjianan. They are part of a broader tourism union that includes the "blue highways" that connect ports such as Budai to the offshore islands of Penghu, as well as diverse Alishan and the Tropic of Cancer theme of Chiayi. This area offers a variety of sea and land recreational experiences.
Farms and fisheries are well developed here. Salt pans, wetlands and birds abound, and the land is dotted with award-winning landscape art. Classic small towns, farms and fishing villages provide a "slow" culture of open spaces with a local feel, which is all well suited to in-depth travel. The area's industries yield local experts and interesting products, such as mullet roe, milkfish, white shrimp, clams and gentian grouper – all of the highest quality. The four seasons each provides special attractions. Visitors can enjoy viewing migratory birds, exploring the area's culture, eating local delicacies and shopping for local crafts. Immerse yourself in this land and enjoy a sense of happiness for both mind and body!


  • First Eel Workshop
    First Eel Workshop
    No.1-2,Waipu,Kouhu Township,Yunlin County

    The First Eel Workshop raises top quality eels, and selects the plumpest and most tender eels from their farm. Attractive gift boxes are available, which also keep the eel chilled. The farm also promotes education, helping people better understand eels, including their breeding process, in a way that creates an “eel village” in Taiwan.

  • Kouhu Township Community Shop
    Kouhu Township Community Shop
    No.163,Guangming Rd.,Kouhu Township,Yunlin County

    The Jinhu Leisure Agriculture Development Association in Yunlin County's Kouhu Township is cooperating with the Kouhu Tourist Center, which is part of the Tourism Administration, Ministry of Transportation and Communications. Together, they are helping entrepreneurs establish small shops in rural communities. This includes training, consulting and marketing assistance. These efforts help promote tourism in the southwest coast area and highlight the importance of sustainable development.

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  • Changying Seafood House
    Changying Seafood House
    No.484,Ci-an Village,San Liao Bay,Beimen District,Tainan City

    The Changying Seafood House raises more than 20 species of fish. This includes shellfish, which have a purifying function, to large groupers. This forms a natural food chain that achieves true ecological farming. The feed includes probiotics to keep the fish healthy. The farm has production traceability and export dual-certification to the European Union market. Its quality control measures are very strong. Some of the farm's products, such as Yuanqi Drink, Dried Milkfish, and Dried Gentian, have won high honors in the aquatic industry.

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  • Jingzaijiao Tile-paved Salt Fields
    Jingzaijiao Tile-paved Salt Fields
    Jingzaijiao,Yonghua Village,Beimen Dist.,Tainan City

    The Tile-paved Salt Fields near Tainan's Beimen are the largest and oldest existing tile-paved salt fields in Taiwan. Operations were halted in 2001, but the fields were restarted and the workers brought back after another firm purchased the area. Once again, the traditional methods of producing sun-dried salt were followed. The fields are also a good place to watch a beautiful sunset and migratory birds. This is a national treasure that preserves Taiwan's salt-drying culture and introduces it to visitors from around the world.

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  • Qigu Visitor Center, Yunjianan Products Hall
    Qigu Visitor Center, Yunjianan Products Hall
    No.102-8,Yancheng,Yancheng Vil.,Qigu Dist.,Tainan City

    The Qigu Visitor Center, located next to the Qigu Salt Mountain, is a gathering place for sightseers to the Qigu area. It introduces and promotes the local salt field culture and the area's ecological environment. It serves as an important center for helping people learn more about the local culture. The Yunjianan Products Hall displays special products from the southwest coast and also provides tourist information. This is a great place in Taiwan for buying sun-dried salt and related products.

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  • Taiwan Salt Museum
    Taiwan Salt Museum
    No.102-8,Yancheng,Yancheng Vil.,Qigu Dist.,Tainan City

    The Taiwan Salt Museum is part of the Qigu Visitor Center in Tainan. It's a diverse hall that combines culture, industry and tourism. Here you can learn about the story and history of sun-dried salt. You can make your own salt soap, experience salted bean curd or engage in salt cooking activities. You can even visit the Kunshen King to pray for blessings and soak your feet in salt to purify your body and mind. The site also has a rock climbing and recreation area, making it a top choice for children of all ages.

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  • Southwest Coast Tourism Union Website
    Southwest Coast Tourism Union Website


  • Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Headquarters YouTube Channel
    Southwest Coast National Scenic Area YouTube Channel


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