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Great Caoling Tourism Union

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The tragic earthquake of September 1999, known as the 921 Earthquake, was a key impetus behind the establishment of the Great Caoling Tourism Union in July 2020. The earthquake severely damaged Caoling’s tourism industry. The tourism union works to upgrade the area’s tourism hardware and software in order to revitalize the industry, create new opportunities and allow more people to enjoy the splendors of the Caoling area. The circle has over 50 industry partners.

Caoling lies within Yunlin County’s mountainous Gukeng Township, and is centrally located between other scenic areas such as Alishan, Xitou and Ruili. It offers visitors beautiful and interesting vistas. The great earthquake of 1941 shattered the area’s terrain and mountains, creating many interesting views. These include cliffs, rocks and valleys. Ropes and safety nets are in place to allow visitors to explore some of the majestic cliffs. The Spring and Autumn Cliffs and Broken Soul Valley are all landscapes that were created by the 1941 earthquake. The Spring/Autumn Cliffs have a face that extends for about 1 km, while Broken Soul Valley lies 200 meters below the bottom of the cliffs. One can enjoy waterfalls from the top of the valley to the bottom. The Penglai Waterfall is Caoling’s main water source. Frog Rock and Honeycomb Rock are strange rock formations created by the erosional force of mountain springs. Lianzhu Pond has an area of about two hectares.

Caoling offers many agricultural items, including dried bamboo shoots and osmanthus. Cedar forests abound, as do fields of tea, the leaves of which are processed into many healthful items. The terraced fields of this mountainous area are home to animals such as snails and eels. These are also found on local menus.

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    Yunling Hill

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