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235 Regional (Chiayi) Tourism Union

235 Regional (Chiayi) Tourism Union LOGO

The 235 Regional (Chiayi) Tourism Union was established in July 2020. Its name refers to the 23.5 degrees latitude of the Tropic of Cancer, which passes through Chiayi. Chiayi City offers many hotels, restaurants and other services. It’s a key tourism center and transit point for other destinations, such as to Alishan. This results in wonderful journeys from the coast to the mountains.

Chiayi is a historical and cultural town, and is known as “the capital of painting.” It’s also the gateway to one of the world's three major alpine railways - the Alishan Forest Railway. Taiwan's precious "Jiaozhi pottery" also originated here.

Unique historical sites, traditional snacks, and recreational attractions abound, combining the humanities with a charming atmosphere and style.

Chiayi City has also created a famous "Stone Monkey" sculpture art. Its annual wind music festival is now a major event for the national wind music industry. Moreover, the Alishan Forest Railway has received much praise from the international media.

  • Hinoki Village

    Hinoki Village

  • Chiayi City Culture Center

    Chiayi City Culture Center


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