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Great Siraya Tourism Union

Great Siraya Tourism Union LOGO

The Great Siraya Tourism Union, established on January 25, 2021, has members from many parts of Siraya, which spans parts of Tainan City and Chiayi County. The area’s many special products include Nanliao “Chinese honey oranges,” Baihe lotus roots, Dongshan coffee, Houbi rice, Yanshui noodles, Guantian water chestnuts and Zhongpu tea. Other attractions include the natural Guanziling mud hot springs and the Zuozhen District’s Caoshan Moon World. It’s also home to several reservoirs that serve southern Taiwan and are also tourism spots. These include the Wushantou Reservoir Scenic Area, the Zengwen Reservoir Scenic Area, the Jianshanpi Jiangnan Resort and the Hutoupi Reservoir Scenic Area. Each district is rich in tourism resources, with unique attractions in terms of culture, local industry, landscapes and ecology.

  • Zengwen Reservoir

    Zengwen Reservoir

  • Guanziling Hot Springs

    Group Meeting


  • Siraya National Scenic Area Administration Facebook Fan Page
    Siraya National Scenic Area Facebook Page


  • Siraya National Scenic Area Administration YouTube Channel
    Siraya National Scenic Area YouTube Channel


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