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Great Siraya Tourism Union

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The Great Siraya Tourism Union includes the Siraya National Scenic Area and parts of Tainan City and Chiayi County. It's home to many classic towns. Food specialties abound in this wonderland, such as Yujing mango, Baihe lotus seeds, Dongshan coffee, Houbi rice, salt water pasta, Guantian water chestnuts and Zhongpu bitter tea oil. The area's many recreational sites include the Guanziling mud hot springs, Grass Mountain Moon World (Zuozhen), Liuying Jianshanpi Resort, as well as the three National Scenic Areas of Wushantou Reservoir, Zengwen Reservoir and Hutoupi Reservoir. We warmly welcome travelers to visit our wonderland of Siraya - it offers more than you might imagine!


  • Zengwen Reservoir Scenic Area
    Zengwen Reservoir Scenic Area
    No.70,Mizhi Village,Nanxi Dist.,Tainan City

    The Zengwen Reservoir Scenic Area is surrounded by mountains and rivers. The park has ten existing or planned recreational areas, including a streamside recreation area, the Papaya Guest House area, a dam landscape area and a lakeside villa. Thus, visitors can enjoy a diversity of experiences.

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  • Baihe Linchupi Kapok Road
    Baihe Linchupi Kapok Road
    Linchupi,Yufeng Village,Baihe Dist.,Tainan City

    The Kapok Road is near Township Road Nan 90. When you turn off this road, you'll find yourself in a lovely area surrounded by flowers. In 2015, it was selected as one of the world’s most beautiful “sea of flowers” streets by the website Bored Panda. Both sides of the road are covered in orange, accented by fields of green rice and the red/green of lotus plants. The fields also contrast with the blue sky and white clouds. It all recalls a beautiful and natural rural pastoral painting.

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  • Guanziling Scenic Area
    Guanziling Scenic Area
    Guanziling Scenic Area, Baihe Dist.,Tainan City

    Upon hearing the name Guanziling, most Taiwanese will think of the Guanziling Hot Springs. This highlights the strong reputation of these springs, which are more than 100 years old. The springs are listed among the four major hot springs in Taiwan, along with Beitou, Yangmingshan and Sichongxi. The springs are a rare mud hot spring in Taiwan.

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  • Guantian Visitor Center
    Guantian Visitor Center
    No.99,Futian Rd.,Guantian Dist.,Tainan City

    The 11-hectare Guantian Visitor Center opened in August 2020. The park's landscape includes village settlements and elements of the aboriginal peoples of Siraya. These are integrated into the Chianan Plain. It's a new tourism landmark, and a hub that connects major scenic spots. Combined with the Hatta Yoichi Memorial Park and the Wushantou Reservoir, this creates a series of attractions near National Freeway No. 3, and thus a tourism area with convenient transportation and many things to see.

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  • Wushantou Reservoir Scenic Area
    Wushantou Reservoir Scenic Area
    No.68-2,Jianan Village,Guantian Dist.,Tainan City

    The Wushantou Reservoir is at the junction of the Liujia and Guantian districts. Looking down from above, its winding shoreline resembles a green coral reef. Thus, it's also known as Coral Lake. The reservoir area has camping and barbeque areas, biking and walking trails, water recreation areas and other tourism facilities. One of these is the Hatta Yoichi Memorial Hall, which allows visitors to learn about the interesting history of the Wushantou Reservoir. You can also learn more about the story of Hatta Yoichi, the Japanese engineer who managed construction of the reservoir, at the Hatta Yoichi Memorial Park.

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  • Hatta Yoichi Memorial Park
    Hatta Yoichi Memorial Park
    No.66,Jianan Village,Guantian Dist.,Tainan City

    The Hatta Yoichi Memorial Park commemorates the Japanese engineer Hatta Yoichi, who was a key figure in the construction of the irrigation system for the Chiayi-Tainan (Chianan) Plain as well as the Wushantou Reservoir. He is known as the "Father of Chianan Irrigation.” In 1910, Hatta came to southern Taiwan to participate in the long effort to irrigate the plain and build the reservoir. The Hatta Yoichi Memorial Park is located on the north side of the reservoir. It was renovated in 2009 and officially reopened in 2011, along with accompanying Japanese-style structures.

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  • Longtian Cha Cha Cultural Heritage Area
    Longtian Cha Cha Cultural Heritage Area
    No.43,Xinsheng St.,Guantian Dist.,Tainan City

    The newly opened Longtian Cha Cha Cultural Heritage Area is only a three-minute walk from Longtian Station. The park preserves many relics from the cultural and economic history of Chiayi/Tainan, such as those related to the great irrigation projects, archeological sites, and railway construction. The site includes 11 exhibition areas as well as an archeology center. The area combines technology, art and green surroundings.

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  • Jianshanpi Resort
    Jianshanpi Resort
    No.60,Xushan Village,Liuying Dist.,Tainan City

    The Jianshanpi Reservoir is surrounded by mountains, and has a rich ecological landscape and quiet environment. The area is home to many species of plants, and the trees and flowers bloom in turn throughout the year. It's like a small garden, with many butterflies and an abundance of beautiful natural scenery.

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  • Meiling Scenic Area
    Meiling Scenic Area
    Meiling Scenic Area,Nanxi Dist.,Tainan City

    A trip to Meiling in the winter to appreciate the plum blossoms offers wonderful views and a nice winter hike. As the plum trees in Meiling are not concentrated in one area, you can discover new blossoms and different characteristics while following multiple trails.

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  • Erliao Sunrise Platform
    Erliao Sunrise Platform
    Erliao Village,Zuozhen Dist.,Tainan City

    The most famous places for watching a sunrise in Taiwan generally have the feature of a magnificent low-altitude sea of clouds. Of the top places in Taiwan, Erliao is at the lowest altitude. It's known as "the dawn closest to the city."

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  • Tainan City Zuojhen Fossil Park
    Tainan City Zuojhen Fossil Park
    No.61-23,Ronghe Vil.,Zuojhen District, Tainan City

    The Cailiao Stream basin is known for its treasure trove of fossils. These have attracted much attention since 1931 when Ichiro Hayasaka, a geology professor at Taipei Imperial University, conducted a geological survey in Tainan. He collected many antler fossils in basin, and was assisted by Chen Chun-mu, who became known as “Fossil Grandpa.” They collected many items related to the pre-historic ancestors of animals such as elephants and buffaloes. Cailiao Stream has become a base for the study of paleontology in Taiwan. Eventually, a Cailiao Fossil Museum was established. After expansion, this facility became the Tainan City Zuojhen Fossil Park that we see today.

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  • Tainan Shan-Shang Garden and Old Waterworks Museum
    Tainan Shan-Shang Garden and Old Waterworks Museum
    No.16, Xinzhuang Lizhuang 59, Shangshang District, Tainan City

    Driving down City Road 178, one can easily miss a century-old historic site next to the road. This is a building that was a part of the great irrigation effort of the Greater Tainan area. Its glory faded after decommissioning, but it has been brought back to life and converted into a museum. The building is well preserved, and the interior is filled with items that recall past days.

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  • Tsou Ma Lai Farm
    Tsou Ma Lai Farm
    No.60,Qiziwa,Danei Dist.,Tainan City

    The Tsou Ma Lai Farm was opened during the Japanese era as the Yujing Sugar Factory. In 1983, the ROC government organized a shift in production to pangola grass, a good forage crop. Eventually, the facility was converted into a tourism and leisure farm. This was the first agri-tourism park in Taiwan.

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  • Tainan Astronomical Education Area
    Tainan Astronomical Education Area
    No.34-2,Erchongxi, Danei Dist.,Tainan City

    Due to its low light pollution, the Danei District is considered the best place to watch the stars in southern Taiwan. It's called "the hometown of the stars." The Tainan Astronomical Education Area in Danei offers powerful telescopes that the public can use, as well as large amounts of information on the universe in the exhibition hall. The facility also includes a wonderful 3D astrology theater. Bravely travel to space on a trip of your dreams.

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  • Hutoupi Reservoir Scenic Area
    Hutoupi Reservoir Scenic Area
    No.36,Ln.42,Zhongxing Rd.,Xinhua Dist.,Tainan City

    Built in 1846, the Hutoupi Reservoir has for many years been a key part of southern Taiwan's irrigation system. It was reclassified as a scenic spot in 1939. Because of the beautiful scenery, it is sometimes called "Little Sun Moon Lake." Locals are very proud of their “backyard garden” and its great beauty.

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  • Xinhua Old Street
    Xinhua Old Street
    No.336-441,Zhongzheng Rd.,Xinhua Dist.,Tainan City

    Xinhua Old Street is a classic and charming “olde street.” Its buildings have a strong Baroque influence. In 1921, the first Baroque-style building appeared on the street. Today this building is home to the Mr. Lin Fabric Shop at #432 Zhongzheng Road. Combining art and craftsmanship, it's the most eye-catching house on the street. As more houses on the street followed the lead of the first structure, in 1937 the Japanese government transformed the entire street in this same style. Xinhua Old Street to this day retains its charm and beauty.

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  • Jingliao Old Street
    Jingliao Old Street
    Molin Village,Houbi Dist.,Tainan City

    In 2004, the Taiwanese film “Let it Be” introduced a broad audience to Taiwan's traditional rice farming life. It took place in the small simple village of Jingliao. The movie and its themes of tradition and humanism deeply attracted Taiwanese audiences. One can gain a sense of the old days and rustic rural culture by walking down Jingliao's old street. Group tourists can register in advance to participate in the experience activity of “An Oxcart Dowry" arranged by the local community. The event comes complete with ox cart and traditional wedding clothes. The town's streets come alive. The festive atmosphere shines a new light on life in this rural community.

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  • Bajiao (Octagon) Building
    Bajiao (Octagon) Building
    No.1,Ln.4,Zhongshan Rd.,Yanshui Dist.,Tainan City

    The Bajiao (Octagon) Building is the most famous building in Yanshui. Built in 1847, it has three entrances and covers about 300 square meters. The first entrance is a four-story building commonly known as Louban, the second entrance is a southern Fujian-style building with three fronts while the third entrance is a loft-style mansion. The octagonal shape of its second floor led it to be called the “Bajiao (Octagon) Building.”

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