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Pingtung Tourism Union (Pingtung Opener)

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On December 10, 2020, the Pingtung Tourism Union held its inaugural meeting with the support of the Tourism Bureau’s Dapeng Bay Scenic Area Administration.

  1. Its activities have included a resource inventory, media connections, regional benchmarking, online promotion, lectures, retail counseling, and digital counseling. With these efforts, online travel agencies (OTA) now offer more than 100 travel products.
  2. MOUs have been signed with many OTAs, as well as five e-commerce platforms: EZTravel, AsiaYo, Klook, Airbnb, and iMarts. These platforms have introduced valuable e-commerce resources. Through these efforts, new tourism products have been launched and existing resources transformed.
  3. The economic value of tourism to Pingtung is about NT$116.6 million.
  4. The Pingtung Tourism Union is engaged in areas such as integration and promotion of tourism resources, as well as enhancing the quality and sustainability of tourism offerings. It is hoped that developing new tourism opportunities will provide new employment and business opportunities for Pingtung’s younger generation.
  • Dapeng Bay Marina

    Dapeng Bay Marina

  • Sichongxi Hot Spring Area

    Sichongxi Hot Spring Area


  • Pingtung Opener Facebook Group
    Pingtung Opener Facebook Group


  • Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area Administration YouTube Channel
    Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area YouTube Channel
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