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The Pingtung Tourism Union is certain that visitors will want to come again! Pingtung is home to Kenting National Park, Taiwan's first national park. Offshore is the ocean sightseeing paradise of Xiaoliuqiu. Hakka culture is also important here. Lush green mountain roads and the "Rainbow Bikeway" are also attractions. Pingtung's coastline offers many opportunities for relaxing and enjoying water activities. Snorkeling amid the beautiful coral formations is popular. At Eluanbi, Taiwan's southernmost tip, one can experience viewing the Pacific Ocean to the left and the Taiwan Strait to the right. Culinary treats include juicy Lianwu wax apples, marinated Wanluan pork knuckle and Donggang bluefin tuna that melts in your mouth. Pingtung has won many honors from the International Chocolate Awards. Cocoa, as well as Hengchun onions, Gaoshu candied dates and Jiuru lemons, are all delicacies here. Don't miss a trip to the "Southern Frontier" to experience its many sights and tastes.


  • Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area
    Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area
    No.169,Datan Rd.,Donggang Township,Pingtung County

    Dapeng Bay was created by the confluence of the Linbian and Donggang Creeks as they entered the ocean. Sediment from the two streams accumulated, and then drifted out to sea under the influence ocean currents and monsoons. The Nanping Peninsula was created by these forces. The waters of the bay now only have one narrow outlet. The two sides of this outlet are connected by the Pengwan Sea-Crossing Bridge.

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  • Marina Bay Pier
    Dapeng Bay Marina
    Coastal Park(Sailboat Club),Donggang Township,Pingtung County

    The Dapeng Bay Scenic Area Administration has made many investments to boost tourism at the bay. These include construction of a new 200-meter beach near the sailing facilities. The sand was sourced from the mouth of the bay. The combination of good winds but small waves is enjoyed by the sailing community. The Dapeng Bay Marine Festival is held from April to May every year. It combines sports and sightseeing, and helps promote water sports in Taiwan, including sailing.

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  • Liudui Hakka Cultural Park
    Liudui Hakka Cultural Park
    No.588,Xinyi Rd.,Neipu Township,Pingtung County

    This park in Pingtung County's Neipu Township showcases the culture and life of Taiwan's Hakka community. It highlights the natural landscapes and pioneering spirit that typify the Hakka people. Agriculture and irrigation are important themes. The structure of Hakka society is also explored, as is Hakka architecture. The historical trajectory of the sustained interaction between the ancestors and the lands they developed is examined.

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  • Sichongxi Hot Spring Area
    Sichongxi Hot Spring Area
    Sizhong River Hot Spring Area

    The Sichongxi area has been popular for its hot springs since the Japanese era. The nearby scenery is beautiful, and the environment is quiet. The Tourism Administration actively promotes the Taiwan Hot Spring & Food Cuisine Carnival, and the springs of Sichongxi are one of the popular options. If you travel to Sichongxi, don't forget to taste some of its delicacies, such as wild perch eel, local lamb and famous reddish duck eggs.

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  • Lin Hou Si Lin Pingdi Forest Park
    Lin Hou Si Lin Forest Park
    No.221-1,Chaoyi Rd.,Chaozhou Township,Pingtung County

    The Lin Hou Si Lin Forest Park is in Chaozhou, Pingtung County. The park combines forest recreation, tree planting, and eco-friendly construction. It thus also serves as a center of environmental education. One element of this is to teach people about the importance of our natural surroundings.

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  • Kenting National Park
    Kenting National Park
    No.596,Kending Rd.,Hengchun Township,Pingtung County

    Kenting National Park lies at Taiwan's southern tip. It's surrounded by the sea on three sides. The park includes elements of land and sea. The park is a national treasure of biodiversity, a research base for the life sciences, a natural classroom for environmental education, and a leisure resort for national tourism.

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  • Kenting National Forest Recreation Area
    Kenting National Forest Recreation Area
    No.201,Gongyuan Rd.,Hengchun Township,Pingtung County

    The land that is now the Kenting National Forest Recreation Area was originally a marine garden filled with coral and other ocean life. Tectonic plate movements began uplifting the land 500,000 years ago, eventually creating a high coral reef forest rich in ecology. The limestone terrain provides tourists with a variety of recreational options in Kenting.

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  • National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium
    National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium
    No.2,Houwan Rd.,Checheng Township,Pingtung County

    Following on the opening of its "Taiwan Waters Pavilion" and "Coral Kingdom Pavilion," the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium now introduces its "World Waters Pavilion." The latter explores the oceans of the world through a combination of aquariums and full digital imaging. Themes include seaweed forests, deep sea waters and polar waters. The museum is both educational and entertaining, and combines virtual and physical experiences.

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  • Pingtung Public Library
    Pingtung County Library
    No.69,Dalian Rd.,Pingtung City,Pingtung County

    This library includes a 5-hectare park, and it's Taiwan's only “forest library.” Many trees were preserved amid its careful construction, including 50-year-old camphor trees. Several new species were also planted. Together they create a misty, thoughtful mood. The views change through the seasons. This is a very popular area for squirrels and birds. Large outdoor balconies on the 2nd and 3rd floors allow visitors to appreciate the greenery of the park and Mt. Dawu in the distance.

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  • Pingtung County Citizens Park
    Pingtung County Park
    No.2,Sec 2,Hesheng Rd.,Pingtung City,Pingtung County

    In order to create a comfortable and interesting recreational space for county residents, the 20-hectare Pingtung County Park was opened in 2011 after five years of effort. The county government revitalized the remains of a old Taiwan Sugar mill, and integrated this with the new blue and green colors of the Shashe Creek waterfront. This was the first park in Taiwan to combine industrial relics with a colorful waterfront design, and it includes elements of history, humanity, ecology and landscaping. It connects the past and the present.

  • Shengli New Village Victory Star VIP Zone
    Shengli New Village Victory Star VIP Zone
    No.106,Cingdao St.,Pingtung City,Pingtung County

    The Shengli New Village Victory Star VIP Zone is the largest and most complete preserved Japanese-era military officer dormitory complex in Taiwan. The Pingtung County Government completed a restoration in 2018. The park not only inherits the culture of a military dependents' village, but it also includes the hope that through various activities the public can more deeply experience Taiwan's diverse culture and the value of preservation.

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  • The Grain Field Market
    Fun and Farm
    Across from No.337 Chaozhou Rd., Chaozhou Township, Pingtung County

    Fun and Farm provides a central location where entrepreneurs and farmers can set up tents to sell their goods, and share their entrepreneurial stories and experience.

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  • Big Jasmine Leisure Farm
    Big Jasmine Leisure Farm
    No.20,Lane 12,Lane 19,Zainan Rd.,Neighborhood 16,Ligang Township,Pingtung County

    Because John, the owner of the Big Jasmine Leisure Farm, is an advocate for the environment, he has incorporated this into his farm. For example, the farm's buildings are “paper houses.” Paper is beaten into slurry and mixed with cement to build the main structure. Plastic and glass bottles are also used. In addition, the farm has an artificial lake, allowing visitors to enjoy the sunshine, breeze, and family laughter together when they come to the leisure farm.

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  • Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area Headquarters YouTube Channel
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