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The Hualien Tourism Union covers 13 towns in Hualien. As Hualien is located at the junction of the Eurasian and Philippine Sea plates, frequent plate movements have created diverse landforms and ecological environments, including the East Longitudinal Valley (aka Huadong Valley), waterfalls, hot springs and fault lines. Multiple ethnic groups have a diversity of cultures, which are reflected in the arts, life styles, festivals and community histories. The Tourism Union has developed five major themes, "East Longitudinal Valley Time Machine," "Ancient-Trail Hiking in the East Longitudinal Valley," "Rice-Themed Tours of the East Longitudinal Valley," "East Longitudinal Valley Festival" and "Slow Cycling Tours of the East Longitudinal Valley." These help visitors experience the beauty of Hualien's mountains and seas in depth.


  • Hualien Archaeological Museum
    Hualien Archaeological Museum
    No.1,Market,Shoufeng Township,Hualien County

    This museum highlights Hualien's regional geography and relics of previous archaeological excavations. It reproduces the spiritual and material life of prehistoric humans in the area, including their diet, jade objects, stone tools, tombs and megalithic cultural relics. The rich pre-history of Hualien is presented before your very eyes.

  • Liyu Lake Circular Bike Trail
    Liyu Lake Circular Bike Trail
    (Turn in at east of the 16-km marker on Provincial Highway 9C) No.100,Huantan N.Rd.,Chinan Vil.,Shoufeng Township,Hualien County

    Liyutan (Liyu Lake) is part of a system that includes several creeks. It is part of the Mugua Creek Basin. The rivers were blocked to form a new lake. Riding in the shade on the bicycle path, you can enjoy the natural ecology.

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  • Huilan Bay
    Huilan Bay
    Sec.1,Nanbin Rd.,Ji’an Township,Hualien County

    This bay is at the confluence of Hualien Creek estuary and the Pacific Ocean. It was from this bay that the name Hualien was derived.

  • Hualien Lingang Line Bikeway
    Hualien Lingang Line Bikeway
    Gangkou Road, Hualien City, Hualien County

    In 1931, the Lingang Line Railway was built to support deliver of materials for the construction of Hualien Port. After decommissioning, the old line was converted into a bicycle path. The path is gentle and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Huilan Bay along the way.

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  • Dong Chang Fishery Farm Community
    Dong Chang Fishery Farm Community
    No.32,Hai'an Rd.,Xincheng Township,Hualien County

    The field here was formerly a housing area for those related to the nearby fishing ponds. A more ecologically-friendly method is now used for the fishery area. This provides tourists with the freshest and tastiest fish, as well as other tourism-related activities.

  • Dong Chang Fishery Farm Community
    Qingshui Cliff
    Xincheng Township, Hualien County

    In the era of great voyages, the Portuguese explored the Pacific Ocean. They named Taiwan “Ilha Formosa,” meaning “beautiful island.” Perhaps they were inspired by the beauty of the Qingshui Cliff. As you gaze from the cliff, you can enjoy the blue of the Pacific Ocean and reflect on the tales of the Great Navigation Age.

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  • Taroko Gorge
    Taroko Gorge
    No.291,Fushi, Xiulin Township,Hualien County

    Taroko Gorge was carved by the Liwu River, as its waters wound their way through the marble rock formations. The marble is compact and doesn't collapse easily. As a result, steep canyons were formed, creating this beautiful world-class landscape.

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  • Taibalang Tribal Village
    Taibalang Tribal Village
    No.15-1,Fu'ai St.,Guangfu Township,Hualien County

    The Taibagang people are a subset of the Amis tribe. The alluvial soil in their homeland of the Coastal Mountains is very fertile and rich in trace minerals. It is a good soil for growing red glutinous rice, and this is the only area of Taiwan where this type of rice is grown on a large scale.

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  • Mafu Pottery Kiln
    Mafu Pottery Kiln
    No.3, Minyou St.,Guangfu Township,Hualien County

    Brick kilns of the 1960-70s are now being used in the Mafu community to make pottery using sustainable approaches. The artisans use rich soil from the Coastal Mountains to make pottery pieces with simple and natural textures.

  • Danongdafu Forest Park
    Danongdafu Forest Park
    No.32,Nongchang Rd.,Guangfu Township,Hualien County

    This forest park lies between the Coastal and Central Mountain Ranges. Nearly 20 common low-altitude tree species have been planted here to create a more diverse ecological environment. Visitors can ride under the shade of maple trees, learn about ecology, and have a relaxing and healing picnic on the grass in the forest.

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  • Yufu Biking Trail
    Yufu Biking Trail
    981 Yuli Town, Hualien County

    (Yufu Biking Trail is currently closed for renovation.)
    The 10 km Yufu Bike Path is "the only one in Asia, only one in the world" that spans two tectonic plates. The route begins at Yuli and goes to the Dongli Bicycle Station in Fuli. The view along the way is vast as one travels through fields of rice. The trail replaced what was once a railway line. A highlight of the trip is crossing the Xiuguluan Bridge. As you cross the bridge, you have the amazing experience of traveling from the Eurasian plate to the Philippine Sea plate!

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  • Yuli Shinto Shrine
    Yuli Shinto Shrine
    Yuli Sec.,Yuli Township,Hualien County

    The Yuli Shinto Shrine was built as the foot of the mountain behind Yuli Station. This shrine was a very important Shinto belief center in southern Hualien during the Japanese era. In 2009, a group of Yuli townspeople who love their local culture and history spontaneously formed the Yuli Shrine Volunteer Team to carry out preservation and maintenance of the shrine. After much effort was put into cleaning, repairing and rehabilitating the site, core elements of the old shrine began to emerge. Overturned stone lanterns were righted and weeds removed. The Yuli Shrine slowly began to reappear. The team not only preserved a rare historical place in Yuli, but also provided wonderful local teaching materials for the next generation.

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  • Eastern Taiwan Black Bear Education Center
    Eastern Taiwan Black Bear Education Center
    No. 50, Minquan St., Yuli Township, Hualien County

    Come to this Center to learn about the ecology of the Formosan black bear, Taiwan's only bear species. They have great ecological and cultural value, and are the subject of intense conservation efforts. Their survival, while very important in terms of the survival of the species, serves also as an important indicator of the health of the forest ecosystem and biodiversity in Taiwan.

  • Nanan Waterfall
    Nanan Waterfall
    No. 83-3, Qingshui, Zhuoxi Township, Hualien County

    The majestic Nanan Waterfall in Hualien County has its origins in Zhuoxi Township's Mt. Dalixian. One can see bursts of silver and white water splashing down into the pool below, which has different depths. People enjoy playing in these waters during the hot summer months, and observing aquatic animals.

  • Walami Trail
    Walami Trail
    Zhuoxi Township, Hualien County

    The Walami Ancient Trail is part of the eastern section of the Batongguan Historic Trail built during the Japanese era. It extends from Hualien to Nantou's Dongpu Hot Springs, and travels through Yushan National Park. The trail has a long history as a means of traveling between Taiwan's east and west sides. The path goes through the traditional lands of the Bunun people. This area is also the home of the Formosan Black Bear. Let us walk into the “bear forest” to explore the ecology and beauty of this mountainous land.



  • Red glutinous rice paddy picnic
    Red glutinous rice paddy picnic
  • Giant footprint in paddy banquet
    Giant footprint in paddy banquet


  • Hualien Tourism Union Website
    Hualien Tourism Union Website
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