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Penghu Tourism Union


The Penghu Tourism Union was established in July 2022. Penghu has a long history, and it offers many cultural sights, unique natural landscapes, pristine beaches and clear waters, all helping to promote Penghu's sustainable development. Enjoy classic themed tours through the seasons. The Penghu Tourism Department's website can help visitors book tours on-line, and it also has videos that introduce the beauty of Penghu's islands. Enjoy the beautiful ocean views of Penghu!


  • Jibei Triple Hearts Stone Weir
    Jibei Triple Hearts Stone Weir
    Jibei, Baisha Township, Penghu County

    Jibei Island is an important center of tourism in the Beihai Recreation System. In the old days, the residents of Jibei used to fish just offshore, and eventually created about 100 stone weirs in the intertidal zone to assist them. This led to Jibei being called the “hometown of stone weirs.” In recent years, many of the weirs, which were just south of the Jibei Visitor Center, began to collapse under the pressure of winds and waves. However, the local people couldn't bear the thought of losing all of the weirs, which also represented the memories of their ancestors. A group of experienced people set about repairing one remaining section, and composed this into weirs in the shape of two intertwined hearts. This Triple Hearts Stone Weir has now become a tourism hot spot in Jibei.

  • East Sea Islands
    East Sea Islands
    The islands of Yuanbei, Niaoyu, Xiaobaisha, Jishan and Dinggou

    The East Sea includes the islands of Yuanbei, Niaoyu, Xiaobaisha, Jishan and Dinggou. The main activities related to the islands tend to be recreational fishing and marveling at the geological landscapes. The basalt heights of Dinggou, Jishan and Xiaobaisha islands are especially breathtaking, and these have been listed as basalt natural reserves. In addition, during the tern breeding season these birds flock to the islands, making them excellent locations for birdwatching.

  • Nanliao Village
    Nanliao Village
    Nanliao, Huxi Township, Penghu County

    In recent years, the people of Nanliao have decorated every corner of their village with recycled floating ball fishing gear. The beautiful scene of hundreds of colorful floating balls hanging down has created a popular check-in spot that must be photographed when visiting here. A village “fish stove” has been repaired. This is a well-like structure with a lid in which fish are cooked. You can experience the traditional fish stove industry in Penghu and traditional fishing life.

  • Shanshui Beach
    Shanshui Beach
    Magong City, Penghu County

    The golden sands of Shanshui are beautiful, as are the sun shining on the blue water and a section of emerald vines. Nearby are cute private houses. The beach is now a popular tourist attraction.

  • Fenggui Shetoushan
    Fenggui Shetoushan
    Magong City, Penghu County

    Serpent Head Mountain (Shetoushan) rests upon the Fenggui Peninsula. In 1622, the Dutch invaded Penghu as they sought to create a trading outpost. They subsequently built the first Western-style fort in Taiwan on this mountain. Since then, military fortifications have been built here over various periods. Many relics and other reminders of these efforts remain, including monuments to fallen French soldiers.

  • Hujingyu
    Magong City, Penghu County

    Hujingyu is the seventh-largest island in the Penghu archipelago. The island includes mountains to the east and west, with a village in between that has been built on a narrow strip of land formed by the remains of coral.

  • Xiaomen Geological Exploration Hall
    Xiaomen Geological Exploration Hall
    No. 11-12, Xiyu Township, Penghu County

    A third renovation project at the Xiaomen Geological Exploration Hall commenced in July 2020, and it reopened at the end of January 2021. It was also given its current name. The hall brings geology and prehistory to life, aided by sound, light and video. It is divided into six sections: 1) an introduction/service area at the entrance, 2) a deep-sea rock area, 3) an oval-shaped projection area, 4) a scenic model dinosaur and plant area, 5) a basalt wall introduction area and 6) an export display area.

  • Xiyu East Fort Military Historic Park
    Xiyu East Fort Military Historic Park
    Nei'an, Xiyu Township, Penghu County

    The Xiyu East Fort and Xiyu West Fort on the island of Xiyu were constructed at the same time. Round arched masonry structures were built to house government officials, soldiers and ammunition. Together with the Magong Jinguitou Fort, they guard Magong Harbor. Control and administration of the East and West Forts and the Dongchang Barracks were eventually transferred to Penghu to create the Xiyu East Fort Military Historic Park.

  • Qimei Yueli Bay
    Qimei Yueli Bay
    Qimei Township, Penghu County

    Qimei Island is rich in culture, beauty, marine ecology and other tourism resources. The shore of arc-shaped Yueli Bay is covered in fine coral-based sand. The clear bay's waters are excellent for enjoying wonderful underwater views of fish and coral while snorkeling. Nearby are basalt columns that have interesting configurations, such as horizontal, radial and staggered. This is an excellent spot for relaxing, sightseeing, taking pictures and camping.



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