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The “Taiwan Tourist Shuttle" has opened 18 new routes and increased service frequency by more than 1,400 service trips every month to improve public transportation services at tourist attractions

Date:Sep 14, 2023 Number of Visitors:8318

In order to encourage tourists to take public transportation, the "Taiwan Tourist Shuttle" has opened 18 new routes this year to create a total of 69 routes across Taiwan. In addition, service frequency has been increased by more than 1,400 service trips per month.

In order to revitalize the international travel market after the pandemic and improve convenience for independent travelers after border reopening, the government is promoting the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle and enhancing services, including half-price ride discounts, increased frequency, new travel routes and four additional measures, including integrating tourist attraction signage into local characteristics. The Half-price Ride Discount campaign began on May 20, 2023. Passengers can use electronic tickets (including mobile payments) to take advantage of half-price fares on preferential routes. By the end of July, more than 830,000 people took advantage of this program, and the numbers continue to increase. In addition, under the “new tour route” campaign, new tourist attraction routes have been added, including the "Sun Moon Lake-Alishan Line" proposed by the Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Management Office. This route connects Sun Moon Lake and Alishan, two of the most popular domestic tourist attractions with international tourists. In Kinmen, the "Western Border Line" route proposed by the county government is operated using large cruise-style buses. It connects famous and less well-known Kinmen tourist attractions via the newly-opened Golden Gate Bridge. This route allows tourists to experience the history and cultural development of Kinmen in depth. Each route has its own unique characteristics and awaits exploration by tourists.

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