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Liuchiu Yu Lighthouse

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Built in 1929, Liuchiu Yu Lighthouse is perched on a hilltop of the Pingtung County island of Liuqiu Yu. Its white, round tower is a reinforced concrete structure rising 11 meters from the base and topping out at 88 meters above sea level. This is the only lighthouse in Taiwan funded by a fishermen's association. Like Eluanbi Lighthouse, it guides ships sailing in the Taiwan Strait and Bashi Channel and is a world-class lighthouse.

Travel Information

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South-east peak of Liuchiu Yu
Liuchiu Yu Lighthouse Links

Nat'l Hwy 1→ Wujia System Interchange→ Prov. Hwy 88→ Exit at the Wandan Interchange→ Prov. Hwy 27→ Prov. Hwy 17→ County Hwy 187→ Bo'ai Street→ Chaolong Rd.→ From Donggang Wharf take the boat to Xiaoliuqiu 


Take the Taiwan Railway to Pingtung Station→ Take the Pingtung Bus (Donggang Line) to Donggang Wharf 

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