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Linkou Plateau area

A Golf Paradise with Lots of Courses and Fun Situated in the west side of Taipei, Linkou Plateau used to be an important industrial center in Taiwan. The region has the most golf courses in Taiwan thanks to its moderate terrain and favorable climate. Easy accessibility is another advantage. Just a 30-minute drive on Highway 1 will take you to Linkou from downtown Taipei. Due to its convenient location near the Taoyuan International Airport, Linkou is also a popular destination for international business guests to spend their spare time on the course. Golf courses in Linkou usually sit on an undulating topography characterized by various level changes. The golf courses near the north side of Linkou Plateau are great places to admire the heart-opening view of the expansive ocean. Many prestigious private golf clubs in the area have also become a favorite place for political and business elites to build connection and fellowship with each other.

Golf Courses Introduction

  • Hsing-Fu Golf Club
    Hsing-Fu Golf Club
  • Linkou Golf Club
    Linkou Golf Club
  • Pa Li International Golf Course
    Pa Li International Golf Course
  • Tong Hwa Golf & Country Club
    Tong Hwa Golf & Country Club
  • Miramar Golf & Country Club
    Miramar Golf & Country Club
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