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OhBear Product

OhBear Nougat Cookie (6 units/box)

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On sale

Product introduction: In order to promote sightseeing, the Tourism Administration designed a super

The cute character "Taiwan Oh Bear" was appointed as "Supervisor of the Taiwan Tourism Administration".

Guo Yuanyi worked with the Tourism Administration of the Ministry of Communications to exclusively create a representative mascot of Taiwan as a souvenir to promote international tourists

In the market, I hope that Woo Xiong will play a more attractive role in promoting Taiwan's tourism and gourmet souvenirs.

Biscuits with fresh green seaweed and vegetables from Tainan, sandwiched with original nougat made of fragrant fresh cream, taste delicious

The richness of the alcohol is endless. The outer box design and product styling are unique to Taiwan, with a lively and vivid appearance to attract views

Guangke purchases, hoping to become a souvenir for tourists to Taiwan in the future.

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