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Great Northeast Tourism Union

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The Greater Northeast Corner Tourism Union offers a wonderful variety of landscapes and scenery that changes with the seasons. The area is rich in natural and cultural resources, including diverse hiking trails and ecology, unique reefs and rocks, and quaint old streets. A variety of farming, mountain and fishing communities create interesting cultural diversity. Well-known attractions include Guishan Island, charming Shuijinjiu and one of the top-ten small sightseeing towns, Ruifang. Other small towns that are excellent for in-depth tourism are Su’ao (cold springs), Nanfang’ao (mackerel), Dongshan (straw crafts and kite art) and Yuanshan (the hometown of gezai opera).

  • Longdong Bay

    Longdong Bay

  • Green Economy

    Green Economy


  • Great Northeast Tourism Union YouTube Channel
    Great Northeast Tourism Union YouTube Channel


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