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Great Caoling Tourism Union

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Yunlin County's Caoling village and other nearby villages in Gukeng Township are rich in animal and plant ecology, natural landscapes and ancient trails. All of these add new energy to this region, and the forests provide healing for the soul. Based on the theme of “slow life roaming,” its tourism union works closely with local communities to build humanistic tourism experiences that include local industries and immersive forest experiences. Visitors can delve deeply into the local culture and also enjoy the beautiful scenery, all done via “slow travel.”



  • Five Yuan and Two Jiao
    Five Yuan and Two Jiao
    No.81-5,Caoling,Gukeng Township,Yunlin County

    This venue has a number of bamboo pavilions and 500 meters of bamboo trails. The buildings are constructed from Mengzong bamboo. It's a good place to enjoy the scenery of a bamboo forest.

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  • Yunling Hill
    Yunling Hill
    646 Gukeng Township,Yunlin County

    This hill is 1,630 meters high, and sits near the junction of Yunlin and Nantou counties. If the skies are clear, you can see parts of five counties from here: Changhua, Nantou, Yunlin, Chiayi and Tainan. Far in the distance, you can perhaps see Mailiao and the outlet of the Zhuoshui River.

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  • Alishan Easy Go Website
    Alishan Easy Go Website
  • Great Caoling Tourism Union
    Great Caoling Tourism Union
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