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235 Regional (Chiayi) Tourism Union

235 Regional (Chiayi) Tourism Union LOGO


The “235 Tourism Union” is named after the 23.5 degrees of the Tropic of Cancer, which runs through the middle of Chiayi County. This tourism union includes both Chiayi County and Chiayi City. Chiayi City offers many hotels, foods and industrial specialties. It’s a key resting point for travelers visiting the broader area, including the wonderful mountains of Alishan. This creates an interesting itinerary, from the mountains to the sea.
Chiayi City has a long history and a rich culture. It’s known as the “Capital of Painting,” as well as the gateway to one of the world’s great mountain railways - the Alishan Forest Railway. Taiwan's precious "Jiaozhi pottery" also originated here. It’s a cultural and artistic center.
Historic sites, unique traditional snacks, and rich cultural attractions are intertwined in a way that stimulates both the mind and the heart.


  • Hinoki Village

    Hinoki Village

  • Chiayi City Culture Center

    Chiayi City Culture Center


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