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Hualien Tourism Union

The Hualien Tourism Union covers 13 towns in Hualien. As Hualien is located at the junction of the Eurasian and Philippine Sea plates, frequent plate movements have created diverse landforms and ecological environments, including the East Rift Valley (aka Huadong Valley), waterfalls, hot springs and fault lines. Multiple ethnic groups have a diversity of cultures, which are reflected in the arts, life styles, festivals and community histories. The Tourism Union has developed five major themes, "Strolling Through the Rift Valley," "Rift Valley Original Tour," "Rift Valley Rice Paradise," "Rift Valley Mountain Hike" and "Rift Valley Time Machine." These help visitors experience the beauty of Hualien's mountains and seas in depth.

  • Liyu (Carp) Lake

    Liyu (Carp) Lake

  • Hualien Archaeological Museum

    Hualien Archaeological Museum


  • Red glutinous rice paddy picnic
  • Giant footprint in paddy banquet
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