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Taiwan Tourism Events

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    2023 Wedding Under the Alishan Divine Tree Alishan Starry Night Wedding: 3/13-14, Wedding Under the Alishan Divine Tree: October

    With events such as the "Alishan Starry Night Wedding" and "Wedding Under the Alishan Divine Tree," visitors to Alishan are given an opportunity to combine the beauty of its mountains, its timeless forestry railway, its sacred trees that have stood for thousands of years, and the traditions of Tsou culture. The attractions of Alishan are now known on the international stage. It's a place that creates unforgettable romantic memories, and attracts visitors on a short trip together, as well as weddings and honeymoons. Visitors from home and abroad are attracted to the romantic experiences found in Alishan. Alishan Starry Night Wedding: 3/13-14 Wedding Under the Alishan Divine Tree: October

  • International
    2023Taipei Fashion Week AW23 3/22-3/30

    Taiwan's Ministry of Culture initiated the "Taipei Fashion Week" in 2005 in order to help foster innovation in Taiwan's fashion industry as well as raise its international profile and provide a platform for industry exchanges. The event also promotes cooperation between Taiwan's fashion industry and its film, television, and arts industries. Looking forward, it is hoped that the Taipei Fashion Week can help Taiwan become an Asian fashion hub and a trend setter in Asian and global fashions.

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    2023Free Buzzard in Mt. Bagua - Eagle Watching on Mt. Bagua 2023-03-18~2023-06-30

    Grey-faced buzzards, also called "nanlu ying" or "qingming niao" by locals in central Taiwan, fly northward every March and April, passing over Mt. Bagua. To protect these birds for the long term, the Wild Bird Society Of Changhua County hosts a special event called "Free Buzzard in Mt. Bagua."

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    Taiwan Hot Spring & Fine-Cuisine Carnival 2022-09-14~2023-06-30

    The gradual arrival of winter formally announces that Taiwan's peak hot spring season has begun! Taiwan abounds in the gifts of nature—cold springs, hot springs, mud springs, submarine springs—it is a world-famous scenic spot for springs of every variety. Beginning in 2007 the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communication combined two touristic resources—the unique healthcare aspects of thermal springs and the demand for a modern, healthy diet—to integrate Taiwan's "thermal springs" and "gourmet cuisine" for a plan to launch a "Taiwan Hot Spring Fine-Cuisine Carnival." This event takes center stage throughout Taiwan at the same time each year, with one of Taiwan's 19 thermal spring areas chosen as the year's kick-off location. Not only is the Carnival an opportunity for Taiwanese tourists to soak up the pleasures of thermal springs throughout the country and receive merchandise discounts, overseas tourists are also fascinated and attracted, and the Carnival is a driving force behind the annual autumn/winter Taiwan hot spring tourist boom. During this period, hot spring areas throughout the country hold a series of hot spring/fine-cuisine events and pull together hundreds of county and municipal companies, introducing the scenic beauty of the springs, the local cultural landscape, and special products.

  • International
    2023 Taichung Mazu International Festival 2023-01-26~2023-05-21

    Presenting Taichung City's 12 hundred-year-old temples at once, the festival aims to strengthen regional values whilst showing Taichung's cultural diversity. Based on traditional religious rites and combining the folk events of all participating areas, it promotes Mazu worship at the global stage, drawing fans of culture home and abroad to learn about in Taichung's folk religion.

  • International
    2023 Taiwan International Festival of Arts 2023-02-18~2023-05-14

    The Taiwan International Festival of Arts (TIFA) is Taiwan's most important annual arts festival. It's also a leading cultural event in Asia. It's jointly held at the National Theater and Concert Hall, the National Taichung Theater, and National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts-Weiwuying. These sites are in northern, central and southern Taiwan, respectively. Working together, these events enrich the lives of the people and provide a global platform for promoting Taiwan's artistic energy. TIFA provides a place where artists from around the world can meet and exchange ideas, and it's also a splendid celebration of the arts.

  • International
    2023 Yilan Green Expo 2023-03-31~2023-05-14

    The Yilan Green Expo was established in 2000 with a focus on green living, conservation and eco-friendly agriculture. This event includes themed exhibitions, outdoor education and recreation. Environmental friendliness is at its core. It highlights the beauty of Taiwan's shimmering green rice fields, lush forests, mountains, seas, lakes and rivers. These are all part of an "Yilan-style green leisurely heritage." After evolving over the past 20 years, the expo now includes even more information on leading a green lifestyle, as well as cultural/artistic performances and horticultural displays. The expo increases environmental education and awareness within local industries, such as agriculture, fisheries and tourism. The expo's emphasis on the environment and education makes it a special event on Taiwan's festival calendar, and it has become a flagship spring event for Yilan County.

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    2023The Hakka Tung Blossom Festival April to May

    The inspiration of the Tung Blossom Festival comes from the Hakka people, who live a hardworking and simple life nurtured by wisdom that has come down from their original integration into the Taiwanese local culture. The Tung Trees that cover the hills and fields were an important cash crop for the Hakka. They also brought many economic opportunities to the local economy. Tung trees were widely planted in the nearby mountains of the Hakka area. Tung seed can be used to extract tung tree oil, and its wood is a basic material in the production of consumer goods at that time, when the economy was much more local, the Tung tree wood's economic value was an important resource in helping many Hakka families make ends meet, and helped Hakka communities purchase food. That is the main reason that the Hakka have deep feelings and heartfelt gratitude towards the Tung tree, the mountains, and nature in general. During The Tung Blossom Festival, in addition to inviting people to enjoy the flowers and tour around the Hakka village, the Council for Hakka Affairs has the honor of conducting a grand ceremony to worship the three Mountain Gods, the guardian spirits of the Hakka. The ceremony will not only offer thanksgiving and respect to the mountains and forests, but also bring encouragement to the Hakka decedents, extolling them to respect the law, to be solemn and the holy, to be devout in prayers, and to cherish the roots of their culture. Today, although people's livelihood no longer rely on the economic value of tung tree, the modern Tung Tree Festival has been a great economy success. The Tung Blossom Festival hosted by Hakka Affairs Council is not only a sacrifice to the guardian spirits on the behalf of the people, but also an offering to the people on the behalf of the flowers. The Tung tree has very different stages in its appearance throughout the four Seasons. Around April or May the flowers will blossom, and are a beautiful snow white; in summer, green leaves sprout from the branches; in autumn all the leaves turn yellow and blow away with the wind; and during the winter tung tree looks withered and dead. The Hakka people's history has often mimicked these seasons. Several times the Hakka have been forced to migrate, and have faced extreme difficulty. However, they have always stuck to their traditional roots, and been innovative in their methods.

  • International
    Times of Rocks in Yehliu - A Night-time Visit to the Queen's Head The schedule for this activity in 2023 has not been decided.

    Yehliu Geopark is open to night-time visits now, and this makes it truly unique. "Time of Rocks in Yehliu" uses colorful light and music to highlight the area's mushroom rocks. Visitors can expect enjoy an indelible experience at the park.

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    2023Dapeng Bay Marine Festival 2023-04-01~2023-04-30

    Dapeng Bay Marine Festival shows the bay’s many faces. Yachting, sail-boating, and canoeing are all held at the bay’s lagoon. In the bayside park, at night, arts and cultural performances take place. Working with local businesses, the organizer even offers small tours. There is also a coastal open market to explore. Visitors can watch a big sailing competition, visit the bay’s fishery village and learn about its culture and food, enjoy a keel-boating experience, and “hunt” world-famous gold-award chocolate. Come and enjoy Dapeng Bay in such different ways.

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