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Taiwan Tourism Events

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  • International
    Romantic Route 3 Arts Festival The schedule for this activity in 2023 has not been decided.

    The "Romantic Route 3 Arts Festival" integrates art in a manner that emphasizes and cherishes the cultural landscape of the Hakka people. This event enhances cultural awareness, innovation, and preservation. It highlights the achievements of the Hakka people, and their culture and history.

  • International
    Sun Moon Lake Cycling, Music & Fireworks Festival The schedule for this activity in 2023 has not been decided.

    The Sun Moon Lake Music & Fireworks Festival has been held since 2008. Initially it primarily focused on fireworks, music and art exhibitions. In recent years, it has expanded to include themes such as cycling, marathons, orienteering, tea culture, and aboriginal culture. Its many high-quality outdoor performances have been highly praised. The festival is now well known for providing a broad array of interesting elements, including artistic performances, athletic activities, and leisure tourism. The festival's activities combine art, music, culture, sports and local industry. This includes the cycling event known as "Come! Bike Day." Public-private partnerships have continued to grow, as have international exchanges. Marketing and promotion have also been increased, which has raised the festival's profile and attracted larger numbers of attendees. The positive impression created among visitors will help create further benefits in terms of the development of Taiwan's tourism industry.

  • International
    Nantou Global Tea Expo The schedule for this activity in 2023 has not been decided.

    Nantou is Taiwan's largest tea growing region, and has eight major tea areas. Traditional agricultural activities have now been augmented by new cultural assets, such as exhibition halls. These provide venues for educational, marketing and entertainment events that promote the tea industry. Large themed events are also held on occasion, such as tea parties and picnics.

  • International
    Nuit Blanche Taipei The schedule for this activity in 2023 has not been decided.

    Nuit Blanche is a global urban night-time fest initiated in Paris, France in 2002, held on the first weekend of October. Through a diversity of artworks on display and performances, participants can get in touch with art and explore the city freely. Nuit Blanche creates a unique environment in which people are encouraged to exchange and share. Through art, Taipei City turns into one large museum—though just for a night.

  • International
    2023 Art Taipei (the Taipei International Contemporary Art Fair) 2023-10-20~2023-10-23

    ART TAIPEI reaches out to galleries and artists from around the world to bring wonderful exhibits to Taiwan. It also promotes exchanges between artists and others. ART TAIPEI has become an important channel of communication and exchange, connecting galleries, collectors, the media and others, particularly in Asia. The organizers continue to endeavor to provide a platform for artists, and to have the event serve as a conduit for the exchange of information and new opportunities.

  • International
    Tianzhong Marathon The schedule for this activity in 2023 has not been decided.

    The "Tianzhong Marathon" began in 2012, and is very popular both at home and abroad. It's considered to be one of Taiwan's top three marathons. Runners from all over the world are welcomed to this event.

  • International
    Kungshen Wangye's Salt for Peace Festival The schedule for this activity in 2023 has not been decided.

    The activities of the "Kungshen Wangye's Salt for Peace Festival" include the opening ceremony, the salt invitation ceremony, a blessing ceremony, distribution of "safety salt lucky bags," the Divination blocks tossing challenge contest, souvenir exhibitions, and Chinese/English temple tours. Through these activities, visitors from home and abroad can obtain a deeper understanding of Taiwan's local folk beliefs and salt culture.

  • International
    Penghu Cross-Sea Marathon The schedule for this activity in 2023 has not been decided.

    In order to promote "vacation running & traveling culture", the Tourism Bureau under the Ministry of Transportation and Communications plans to organize Taiwan's first "Cross-Sea & Island-Hopping Penghu Marathon." The race forsakes the conventional circular course (from A to A), and both marathon and half marathon courses are measured and certified by the AIMS. The course runs through Xiyu (the West Islet), the Penghu Great Bridge, Baisha (Penghu's 3rd biggest island), Zhongtun (Penghu's 11th biggest island), and the Penghu Island. The planning of the course accentuates the features and values of Penghu (the Gaillardia Island) marathon. We invite marathon runners at home and around the world to participate in this island-hopping celebration and challenge the non-repeated special course. Join the special Penghu marathon and run with us against the headwinds!

  • International
    Taiwan Open of Surfing The schedule for this activity in 2023 has not been decided.

    "Sports Tourism" has long been considered the world's fastest-growing market in the tourism industry. Through active participation in sports, or engaging in leisure or watching sport activities, or visiting famous attractions, among others, the fashionable field is developed to create combination results of sport and tourism, which brings economic benefits of sport-related tourism that major cities and countries are prompting and organizing sporting events to attract the global tourist crowds. Taitung is a unique place in terms of "waves," regardless of size or shape, which could be said to be blessed, and furthermore, the northeast monsoon blowing autumn and winter contributes to the wave potentials in Donghe and Jinzun area, and therefore Taitung is certified as the latest international surfing competition venues in Asia by the Asian Surfing Championship (ASC), becoming one of the latest and the best surfing venues following Malaysia, Bali, Thailand, and the only venue for international surfing tournaments in Taiwan, which provides an opportunity for the international players to further understanding of the beautiful east coast of Taiwan. Taiwan Open of Surfing, in addition to integrating with the ASC, is putting efforts toward joining The Associations of Surfing Professional, ASP, a world-renowned surfing organization, to drive the domestic surfers to work together to demonstrate its ability to connect with the international sport tourism. And, the Surfing is also active in offering public education, training local talents in the emerging industry, surfing performances, surfing experience, Stand Up Paddle Surfing (SUP), long board walking, kite surfing, and other peripheral activities to promote the tourism theme of winter sports to attract the participation of the public.

  • International
    Xinshe Sea of Flowers and Taichung International Flower Carpet Festival The schedule for this activity in 2023 has not been decided.

    "Xinshe Sea of Flowers and Taichung International Flower Carpet Festival" is central Taiwan's largest flower festival. It has grown in notoriety over the years, and is now one of Taiwan's leading flower-related and "leisure agriculture" events. Promoting the flower industry is an important economic and cultural effort in central Taiwan. Events featuring elements such as flower installation art are the result of collaboration between the community and local industry. Such activities integrate a wide range of industries that have Taichung characteristics, such as flowers, other plants, agricultural products, and tourism. These activities help communities become economically stronger, and support sustainable development. This includes better integration of tourism efforts extending from the mountainous areas to the towns. Such activities attract visitors from around the world.

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