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Yang Ming Oceanic Culture & Art Museum

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  • YM Oceanic Culture & Art Museum
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Aiming to serve elementary and high school students, Yang Ming Oceanic Culture & Art Museum takes visitors to learn about Taiwan as an island nation and the spirit of oceanic culture and art. The museum administration also hopes students can "like, get close to, protect, develop, and make good use of the ocean." According to exhibition themes and the area's tourism resources, a range of events are held to draw more visitors. Through methods such as entertainment and sensory experiences, the administration also hopes to lead people to explore oceanic culture, history, and geology deeply. With smart, creative and diverse business approaches, Yang Ming Oceanic Culture & Art Museum aims to make the port city of Keelung prosperous again, aside from improving people's quality of life and cultural level.

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Nat'l Fwy 1 → Exit at the Keelung Interchange → Xiao 2nd Rd. → Zhong 1st Rd. → Gangxi St.


Take TRA to Keelung Station.

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