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Central Range

100 Peaks of Taiwan

The Central Range begins in the north at Wuyan Cape between Nanfang'ao and Dong'ao in Su'ao Township, Yilan County, and then ends at Taiwan's southernmost tip at Eluanbi. It runs from the north of the island to the south in a north north-east to south south-west direction. It stretches around 500 kilometers and is the longest mountain in the main island of Taiwan. In terms of its terrain, the east side is more dangerously steep while the west side is gentle and flat. The Central Range consists of continuous peaks. Data indicate that that it is home to 69 of Taiwan's 100 highest peaks, and it has 138 peaks with an altitude above 3,000 meters. Well known peaks among Taiwan's top 100 include Nanhu Mountain, Hehuan Mountain, Qilai North Peak, Qilai Mountain, Nenggao Mountain, Danda Mountain, Xiuguluan Mountain, and Mount Guan. Among them, Xiuguluan Mountain (3,825 meters) located in the middle is the range's highest peak.

  • Baishichi Campground

    Baishichi Campground

  • Nenggao Mountain Campground

    Nenggao Mountain Campground

  • Snowy Hehuanshan Landscape

    Snowy Hehuanshan Landscape

  • Azalea Blooms

    Azalea Blooms

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