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Taiwan – Rich in Mountain Landscapes and Mountain Tourism Potential

Each of the 268 mountains that rise to over 3,000m in height is located in one of Taiwan's five main mountain ranges. These include the Central Mountain Range (the island's longest continuous range); the Coastal Mountain Range (to the east, along the Pacific Coast); the Alishan and Yushan Ranges (to the west); and the Xueshan Range (to the north). The Central Mountain Range, which spans nearly the entire north-south length of the island, is also known as the "Roof of Taiwan" and "Backbone of Taiwan". Although "Backbone of Taiwan" in a narrow sense refers only to the Central Mountain Range, in a broader sense this term should include the Xueshan and Yushan Ranges as well. Actually, all five mountain ranges collectively meet the broadest definition of mountain backbone. For purposes of this program, "mountain backbone" is used in its broadest sense, and refers to all five of Taiwan's main mountain ranges.


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