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Yushan Range

100 Peaks of Taiwan

The Yushan Range is located to the west of the Central Range in southern Taiwan. It starts at the southern riverbank of the Zhuosui River in Shuili Township, Nantou County and extends south to Shihbaluohanshan near the Liouguei District of Kaohsiung City. Its total length is around 180 kilometers. Yushan Main Peak, Yushan East Peak, Yushan North Peak, Yushan South Peak, and Dongxiaonanshan all rank in the top ten of Taiwan’s 100 peaks. Yushan Main Peak (3,952 meters) is the highest peak in Taiwan. In total, 12 peaks in the range are in Taiwan’s top-100. Others include South Yushan, Batongguanshan, and Xiluandashan. The range has 16 peaks with an altitude of more than 3,000 meters. The range descends from the high mountains in the north to the Pingtung Plains in the southwest.

  • Milky Way

    Milky Way

  • Yushan is the highest mountain in Taiwan

    Yushan is the highest mountain in Taiwan

  • Snowy Yushan Landscape

    Snowy Yushan Landscape

  • The scenery of Yushan National Park

    The scenery of Yushan National Park

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