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Coastal Range

Average Height

The Coastal Range is located in the east of Taiwan. It is separated from the Central Range to the west by the East Rift Valley, which is a large fault generated from plate collision. The range begins in the north at the Hualien River estuary and ends at the estuary of the Beinan River. It stretches from the northeast to the southwest over a length of 175 kilometers. The Coastal Range is the lowest among the five main ranges, with an average altitude of around 1,000 meters. Its highest peak is Xingang Mountain. The range possesses unique landforms and geology. In terms of landforms, several small ridges that are parallel with the main ridge are distributed along both its east and west sides. As for geology, the range possesses two kinds of special rock formations: mudstone (Lichi formations) and volcanic agglomerate. As the volcanic agglomerate is hard and solid, it creates tall and imposing mountains. For example, Dulan Mountain is a mountain composed of volcanic agglomerate.

  • Shitiping


  • Sanxiantai


  • Bird's-eye view of Sanxiantai

    Bird's-eye view of Sanxiantai

  • Indigenous harvest festival

    Indigenous harvest festival

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