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Hujing Island

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Like Tongpan, Hujing is surrounded by column basalt cliffs, beneath which the water is exceptionally clear. Perhaps the transparency of the water here helps explain the legend of the sunken fortress.

In the 17th century, it is said, the Dutch came here and built a fortress that later sank into the sea in the midst of a battle. Scholars who have come to explore the area in recent years have made no significant discoveries, leaving the sunken fortress a 300-year mystery.

Hujing Island (Tiger Well Island) is the 7th largest island of Penghu Archipelago. The unique contour of the island affords some of most majestic cliffs especially on the east and west. It' s named according to a legend that there was once a tiger crouching in a dry cave at the southeast of the island. The Hujing Island is surrounded by column basalt cliffs, beneath which the water is crystal clear. You are able to see brick wall structure built by the Dutch underneath during low tide. Rumors have it that there is a sunken city on the seabed. Whether the myth is true or not, further proof as well as your visit are expected.

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Hujing Island, Magong City, Penghu County
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