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Two-day Tour of Chiayi City

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Chiayi Park
Chiayi Park
The park was established in 1910, which is the 43rd year of Meiji Reign Period during the Japanese colonial period in the name of "Chiayi Park.&q...
Chiayi Botanical Garden
Chiayi Botanical Garden
The botanical garden in an area of about 8.6 hectares belongs to the Forestry Experimental Institute of Agricultural Council, an experimental place fo...
Wenhua Road Night Market
Wenhua Road Night Market
The Wenhua Road Night Market, which extends for almost half a kilometer, is a pedestrian area where all kinds of local snacks and delicacies can be sa...


Lantan (Holland Lake) Scenic Area
Lantan (Holland Lake) Scenic Area
The Lantan is located in the neighborhood mountains near Chiayi City, three kilometers off downtown , called "red-hair pond"in old days. It ...
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