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One day Senior Travel of Rinari Tribe

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Rinari, means "the place where we all head to." Surrounded by mountains, Rinari enjoys an expansive birds-eye-view of the idyllic Pingbei Plain. As you walk about in Rinari, you shall find churches here and there. Each church has a different exterior, making Rinari a special place. Of course, the churches show how devout the residents are.

Tips for Senior Traveler:

Austronesian Wedding
The romantic atmosphere and exotic experience of these weddings have received unanimous recognition and praise. The "Austronesian Wedding" event held by the Maolin Scenic Area Administration is a singular event that has attracted many non-Indigenous couples from Taiwan to participate, and also some couples from abroad. The romantic atmosphere and exotic experience of the wedding has been well received by all who have witnessed it. The main themes of the event are the traditional wedding customs of the Paiwan and Rukai, with enthralling performances and activities. If you would like to experience a unique Indigenous wedding and share in the joy of the newlyweds, you can register online for an experience that you won't ever forget!


Tour route


Maolin National Scenic Area - Rinari Visitor Center
Maolin National Scenic Area - Rinari Visitor Center
The Maolin Scenic Area covers the townships of Maolin and Liugui in Kaohsiung City, as well as parts of the administrative areas of Sandimen Township ...

Accessible Toilets:2

Accessible Parking:1

Wheelchair Rentals:1

Rinari Tribe
Rinari Tribe
The Provence of Taiwan: Rinari After Typhoon Morakot devastated three townships in northern Pingtung County, the Pingtung Government assisted the loc...

Accessible Toilets:2

Accessible Parking:2

Taiwan Indigenous Culture Park
Taiwan Indigenous Culture Park
In order to preserve aboriginal culture and resources, the government established Taiwan Indigenous Culture Park in Pingtung County in 1987. The park ...

Accessible Toilets:6

Accessible Parking:5 for automobiles, 5 for motorcycles

Wheelchair Rentals:6

Travel Information

Take TRA to Pingtung Station, transfer to Shen-Shan Route 508 (5 people to book advance make the tour available).

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