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One Day Senior Travel in Lion's Head Mountain Visitor Center

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Plan a trip to Lion's Head Mountain, which is full of Hakka customs! Take a stroll along the Liuliao Historic Trail and enjoy the tung blossoms in early summer every year. You can also rest your feet and mind at the Xiexin Tea House and enjoy the romantic scene of tung blossoms while tasting Hakka delicacies.

Tips for Senior Traveler:

The old story of Xiexin Tea House
The elegant Xiexin Tea House architecture blends in seamlessly with its surrounding, providing a nice spot to rest both body and mind. There are several century-old tung trees near Xiexin Tea House, which have become a must-visit attraction for admiring tung flowers during its blooming season in April and May. If you wish to avoid the large crowds during holidays, you are advised to visit during weekdays to enjoy its rare ease and tranquility.

The Liouliao Historic Trail
The Liouliao Historic Trail is a famous hiking trail of the Lion's Head Mountain. The Seven-Star Trees located in the mountains of Liouliao feature an approximately 400 years old mother camphor tree, with the subsidiary camphor trees approximately 100 years old; it is named after the 7 branches derived from the same root, and is also the location for local Hakka people to praise Tudigong, which serves as proof of the prosperous camphor woods and the camphor logging of this area during the old days. Furthermore, this place is also the tourist attraction for Tung blossoms as well as fireflies; where one may witness the fallen Tung blossoms spreading over the ground during early summer of every year.


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Take THSR to Hsinchu Station / Take TRA to Zhubei Station, transfer to Lion's Head Mountain Route Shuttle Bus 5700 (Low-floor buses operate at fixed shifts).

Last update time: 2022-01-11
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