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Mt. Datun
Mt. Datun
Mt. Datun range is situated at the west side of Yangmingshan National Park areas, where the mountain range extends from north to south and southwest. Renowned mountains include Mt. Datun main peak, west peak, south peak, Mt. Zhongzheng, Mt. Miantian, Mt. Xiangtian, Mt. Bailaka, Mt. Caigongkeng, and Mt. Honglu. Amidst them, Bailaka Road and Hiking Road cross over the mountain range’s north ridge and southeast ridge respectively. Separated by volcanic landslide dam – Zhuzihu, the west mountain foot looks over to Mt. Qixing range. Mt. Datun was formed approximately 500,000 years ago, where surrounding slopes are fairly steep. With the cutting of the river streams, many valleys are also forged. The official altitude of the main peak is 1,092m and is considered second order triangulation station, but the location of the triangulation station is not open to the public; visitors can aim at the peg of the grand trail in front of Mt. Datun Navigation Station as their summit destination. At the main peak of Mt. Datun, visitors can take in a comprehensive view of metropolitan Taipei with surrounding mountains. On the east, one can look over towards Mt. Qixing in the east, and facing south, there are south peak and west peak of Mt. Datun, and Tamsui River Estuary in the distance. Mt. Datun main peak is the best viewing site for “Datun Sunset” and “Datun Sea of Cloud”, where is also the best spot for butterfly viewing in the summer, silver grass in the fall, and spectacular night view on a clear day.
Mt. Datun Main Peak, Multi-Peak Trail
Mt. Datun Main Peak, Multi-Peak Trail
A hiking trail with a high degree of difficulty. The Trail is about 5.4km in length with an average slope of about 15~18 degrees. It would take approximately 5 hours to finish.
Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area
Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area
Taipingshan Forest Park is located in Datong, Yilan County, 12,000 hectares in area. The park covers the Nanhu Mountain, Sanxing Mountain and Dabajian Mountain. There are abundant cypress and pine trees and it used to be one of the three major forestry centers in Taiwan. Scenery here differs with the seasons. Visitors can come here to appreciate the flowers in spring, the sunrise and clouds in autumn. Vegetation here differs with the altitude.
Scenic spots here include Renze Hot Spring, Forest Park, Forest Tour Track, Wildlife Conservation area and Cuifeng Lake. The plants that change colors, such as maples, have brought Taipingshan beautiful views. Cherry blossoms, plum blossoms and apricot blossoms make the park exquisite scenery.
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