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Tefuye Historical Trail
Alishan National Scenic Area
Alishan National Scenic Area
250 years ago, a chief of the Tsou tribe went hunting in a mountain and had great gains. In memory of the chief, the Tsou tribe named the Alishan. During the Japanese occupation, the Japanese chopped the forests and shipped the wood back to Japan. However, the deforestation had irritated the tree god that the Japanese set up a tower to worship the tree god.
Alishan is very famous for the sunrise view and the cloud ocean. The clouds are so dense and thick that the mountaintops appear like islands on the cloud ocean. The best time to watch the cloud season is autumn and visitors can go to Ziyun Temple, Alishan Hotel, Alishan Rail Station, Zaoping Park and the first parking lot. In addition, the Alishan Forest Railway is also very famous because it is one of the three mountain rails in the world.
Tataka Recreation Area
Tataka Recreation Area in New Central Cross-island Highway
In Tataka areas, visitors are able to look over to the main and extended peaks of the high mountain Yushan towards the east, and towards the west, visitors would capture the view of Zhushan and Tashan Mountain Range beyond the Shemu River. In the early mornings and the evenings, there are frequently sea of clouds and mountain mists in between the valleys. In the winter, when Taiwan Red Maples are turning red in the mountains, the scenery of red maples within lush green forests make Tataka Visitor Center more radiant and beautiful. In spring’s early mornings, Mori Rhododendron, white flowers with hints of red, would bloom in the woods brightening the earth with most colorful attire.
Cou Tribe
Cou Tribe
Cou Tribe is divided into Four Villages of North and Three Villages of South. Entering from the southern section of County Highway 169 from Shizhuo of Provincial Highway 18, visitors would find the four villages in the north, which are respectively Lalauya, Tapangu (including Tfuya), Niae’ucna, and Pnguu. And entering Chiayi County Highway 129 from Longmei over Provincial Highway 15, visitors would meet the three Cou villages in the south, which are namely Saviki, Sinvi, and Cayamavana. Cou festivities include Lalauya Industry Festival, muni Music Festival, Tapangu Aiyu Festival, Fo’na Festival, Sinvi Tea Seed Oil Festival, Pnguu Thanksgiving Festival, Saviki Xenopus Festival, Cayama hufu Gazebo Festival, and Veoveoana Sharing Festival.
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