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Endemic Species Research Institute

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  • Endemic Species Research Institute

Explore the Eco-Taiwan
The Journey Starts Here!

As a person living in the 21st century, "ecological conservation" shouldn1t be a strange idea for you. However, how much do you think you know about the ecological resources in Taiwan?

Come and visit the Endemic Species Research Institute in Jiji, Nantou County. You'll learn a lot more about the ecological resources and conservation plans in Taiwan.

As soon as you walk into the museum, you will see an old banyan tree, which will take you back to the old days when people used to gather around the banyan trees, chatting and socializing.

The big tree crown and its sweet fruit attract many different kinds of animals, including birds, insects, lizards, and squirrels. This is a living tree in which you can see lots of different creatures and which also functions as a natural "air purifier."

The main theme of the museum is "Taiwanese local ecological resources."

Different minor themes include: Ecosystems of different altitudes, Endemic Creatures, Endemic Plants and Environments, Natural Resource Conservation, the Secret of the Plants and Creatures, etc.

Each theme has some interesting multimedia computer games. You can see various ecosystems of Taiwan inside of the museum! In just a couple of hours, you will be able to see and learn about a variety of Taiwan biological systems.

After finishing the tour of the museum, you may walk out to visit the spacious "Biological Educational Park" and the "Butterfly Park." While walking in the parks, you will see lots of beautiful flowers, birds and special insects.

It is our pleasure to invite you to share the beauty of eco-Taiwan with us.

Guide Service

Please call +886-49-276-1331 ext.605, 625

Travel Information

(Traffic information is subject to change. Please check with the transportation station before departure.)

Nat'l Hwy 1→ Changhua System Interchange → Nat'l Hwy 3 → Exit at the Mingjian Interchange → Prov. Hwy 3 → Prov. Hwy 16 → Township Road Tou-27

  1. Take the THSR to Taichung Station, continue by U Bus to Nantou stop, transfer Zhongda Bus (torward Shuili) to Species Research Institute stop.
  2. Take the train to Ershui Railway Station, transfer to the train toward Checheng to Jiji.
  3. Take the train to Taichung Railway Station, continue by Zhongda Bus (toward Shuili) to Species Research Institute stop.

Area Information

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