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Penghu Visitor Center

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No.171,Guanghua village,Magong city,Penghu County
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Accessible Parking:1 for automobiles, 2 for motorcycles

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All of the islands in Penghu have a similar terrain, and most of them are flat. Clear seawater, pure beaches and beautiful skies make Penghu a favorite ocean resort area. Both Kuroshio tributary current (during summer) and Mainland China's coastal current (during winter) pass through the Penghu sea territory. Because of this the marine life in this area is very rich, making Penghu an outstanding classroom for marine biology.

During the migration season, all kinds of birds pass through this area. Tourists can often see beautiful views of hunting seagulls, and the 200-plus different bird species here. This makes Penghu an excellent location for bird watching. Tourists can also came to Penghu for fishing and snorkeling; they can take boats and travel around the neighboring islands to enjoy the sea views and savor a wonderful vacation at sea.

Penghu shows its uniqueness in its cultural resources, thanks to the influences of its environment as well as Chinese culture and history. Many religious activities take place in Penghu; among 97 villages and towns in the islands, there are 183 temples. The ones with the longest history include the Tianhou, Wusheng, City God, Bao-an Temples, and the Guanyin Pavilion. There are also many important sites with great historical value. Penghu is famous for seafood such as groupers, abalone, lobsters, clams, and shellfish. Peanuts, sponge gourds, and cantaloupes are the main agricultural products. The best-known mineral is the veined stone, which is found only here and in Italy. The veined stones of Penghu are very famous for their color and quality, which is recognized as being the best in the world. Many arts and crafts stores can be found in the city of Magong, where tourists can find inexpensive and beautiful artworks carved from various kinds of stone.

Penghu Visitor Center
Offer introductions of Penghu's tourism resources, journey consultation, multi media playing, wash up, wireless network.

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Travel Information

(Traffic information is subject to change. Please check with the transportation station before departure.)

Magong City → County Hwy 204

  1. Take plane to Penghu Airport.
  2. Take ferry to Magong Harbor, transfer Penghu County Bus Yellow Line - Fongguei or Shanshui Line to Penghu Visitor Center stop.

Accessible Transportation

Take ferry to Magong Harbor, transfer Penghu County Bus Yellow Line - Fongguei or Shanshui Line (Low Floor operate at fixed shifts) to Penghu Visitor Center stop.

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Travel Information

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  • Accessible Restroom - exterior

    Accessible Restroom - exterior

  • Accessible Restroom - interior

    Accessible Restroom - interior

  • Wheelchair Ramp

    Wheelchair Ramp

  • Wheelchair Seat

    Wheelchair Seat

  • Handcycle Rental

    Handcycle Rental


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