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Lugu Tea Culture Center

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  • Lugu Tea Culture Center
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Farmers of Xiaobantian District in Lugu used to grow moso bamboo. After tea trees were introduced into the district, we began to see tea farms interwoven with bamboo forests everywhere telling the story of green colors and the story of local folks. The Cross-business Exchange Association and the Xiaobantian image business area plan a well-organized and characteristic itinerary by integrating local tea farms, tea factories, restaurants and lodges in order to let visitors re-experience this beautiful township with gorgeous scenery. Nearly 100 organizations from over 30 countries have expressed high praise of Xiaobantian after experiencing the life there, including Rotary Clubs, high-tech companies, overseas Chinese, overseas diplomats, government organizations, and the press. Let us recommend that you explore this premium community!

When you visit Lugu, you must not miss the Lugu Tea Industry Museum of the Lugu Township Farmer's Association. It was completed in October 1996 and occupies an area of about 200 pings. The 3-storey Chinese-court-style museum building is surrounded by mists and clouds in the foreground and great green mountains in the background. In addition to the traditional columns and eaves, there is an ineffable tea fragrance all around. The whole museum is an ideal stop after a long journey. On the first floor is the Lugu Agricultural Specialty Showroom. On the second floor there are both static and dynamic tea art activities. On the third floor is the gardening corridor. It is an ideal place for a sip of tea, a rest, and tasting tea!

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