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Wanggong Fishing Port

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  • Sunset at Wanggong Fishing Port
  • Fangyuan Lighthouse
  • Wanggong Fishing Port
  • Wanggong Intertidal Zone
  • Sunset at the intertidal zone
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Wanggong is a characteristic fishing port in the western Taiwan. Since the organization of the Wanggong Awakening National Literature and Art Festival, a tourism and recreation fishing village have become the targets of development of the fishing port. The area contains a rich culture, fishery and wetlands ecology, and the "lamps of fishing boats in Wanggong" was one of the 8 wonders of Changhua County. Fangyuan occupies an area of 96.89km2. According to history, Fujian immigrants traveled across the sea to this area some 380 years ago. They practiced fishing and traded with people in Fujian. It was thus known as the Fanzaiwa in the past. The placed was renamed Shashan Village during the Japanese Colonial Era because of the sand dunes in the township. It became part of Taichung County after the retrocession in 1945. Later it was named Fangyuan Township after negotiations with locals. Currently there are 26 villages in the township.

Wanggong is a typical fishing village. It is famous for its oyster culture business and rich natural landscapes and cultural resources, such as the coastal features like mangrove forests, water birds, fiddler crabs and mudskippers; the fishing village scenes like the Wanggong Fishing Port, lighthouse, sea-watching platform and bamboo rafts; and local industries like the asparagus fields, dairy ranches, and aquaculture ponds. The Changhua County Government is also undertaking the Wanggong Port Area Reengineering Program to renew the area in order to attract more visitors. The Hanbao Wetlands in the township is one of the ideal spots for water bird watching just next to the outlet of Dadu River. Environmental groups are planning to develop the area into an ecological park and have already organized the Hanbao Wild Bird Festival which made bird lovers excited. Fangyuan has a wide variety of agricultural and fishery specialties, and the gourmet foods of Wanggong are the favorites of connoisseurs. Therefore, your backpack will be full after an excursion to Fangyuan.

Travel Information

(Traffic information is subject to change. Please check with the transportation station before departure.)

Nat'l Fwy 1 → Exit at the Puyan System Interchange → Prov. Hwy 76 → County Hwy 144 → Prov. Hwy 17 → Township Road Chang 118 → Yugang Rd.


Take TRA to Changhua Station, transfer Changhua Bus to Market stop, and transfer Yuanlin Bus 6708 to Wanggong stop.

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