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Taiwan Glass Hall

Changhua CountyMuseums
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  • Taiwan Glass Hall
  • Night view of Taiwan Glass Hall
  • Inside the Taiwan Glass Hall
  • Interior view of Taiwan Glass Hall


No.30, Lugong S. 4th Rd., Lugang Township, Changhua County


Taiwan Glass Exhibition Hall provides a free display platform for local glass artists to display their creations and works. There are several different sections representing the glass works in the hall which break the public’s traditional stereotype in glass industry.

Travel Information

(Traffic information is subject to change. Please check with the transportation station before departure.)

Nat'l Hwy 1 → Exit at the Changhua Interchange → Prov. Hwy 19 → County Hwy 142 → County Hwy 135 → County Hwy 144 → Prov. Hwy 17 → Lugong Rd. → Lugong S. 5th Rd. → Gongye W. 3rd Rd. → Lugong S. 4th Rd. → Taiwan Glass Hall.

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