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Tiezhen Mountain Scenic Area

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  • Tiezhen Mountain Scenic Area
  • Cheng Cheng Kung
  • Beautiful Tiezhen Mountain Scenic Area
  • Jian Well (Sword Well)
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The Tiezhen is named because the looking is similar to iron anvil. There is an old well, Jian Well, located on the top of the mountain. Traditional tale about the well told that this was the place where Cheng Cheng Kung dug with his sword for the water. During the early years, Cheng Cheng Kung led the soldiers passing this place when they left no food and water. And because the weather was torrid, the soldiers and the horses died of no water to drink. Cheng Cheng Kung felt hopeless and a great feeling of the God, he kneeled down on the ground with his sword into the ground praying for the water. Suddenly, the ground dehisced, and the sword really sank into the ground. Then the spirit water came out for all the people to drink, and saving the lives. Hereafter, people commemorated this great miracle; they called this well the Jian Well or the Guoxing Well. The people in Dajia District set a curve board of Guoxing Well in memory of the miracle that Cheng Cheng Kung inserted his sword into the ground in Tiezhen Mountain. The ancient well was rebuilt in 1953. The protections were set around the well. The ex-supervision administrator, Yu Youren, named "Jian Well (Sword Well)" two words. It becomes the most famous tourism view today.

Zhongzheng Park: It can supply the tourists for photo taking. There are the theme stone sculptures, the windmill, simple physical activity facilities, and small playground path.

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Nat'l Fwy 3 → Exit at the Yuanli Interchange → County Hwy 140 → County Hwy 121 → Cide Rd. → Jingguo Rd. → Sec. 1, Zhongshan Rd. → Chenggong Rd.


Take TRA to Dajia Station, transfer Taichung City Bus 93 to Tiezhen Mountain stop.

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